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Best place to hunt cougars?

Anyone have any tips? I know one spawns in Kanien:keh (where you go when you first leave the valley) but it'd be nice to actually hunt them instead of kill one, leave the frontier, come back, etc.

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CarbonShield answered:

If you go to the dimond basin and go to the tallest mountains, then you will find a bunch of cougars. I was there and got 17 cougar pelts. The fun part is that once you kill them all you just run around the mountain and they respawn so you could do it the whole day. I only was able to find them at night. You can get alot though.
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tacticalchaoz answered:

there is also one or two cougars near the fort in Scott's Plains. They are just north east I think. There is one more location but I can't think of it off the top of my head, I think it is near the center area of the frontier on a rocky outcrop that is highly elevated. Good luck finding some new pelts!
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spurredscout answered:

Go too the fast travel spit in kanien:keh and head south too the diamond basin you will come to a big mountain climb up and you should find some there
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