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How many taverns are in each area?

Need to know how many there are, and better yet, if there's a map for them somewhere if you could post a link.

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Axarion answered:

Frontier -- 4 taverns:
- 2 in Lexington - Buckman Tavern near the general store and Munroe Tavern on the east border with Scotch Plains;
- 1 in Concord;
- 1 in Monmouth.

Boston -- 4 taverns marked with Liberation contracts icons (after completing the game anyway), but they are marked with the dice icon if viewed through Shops Filter.

New York -- 5 taverns
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drjrf2000 answered:

There are 3 in the frontier, not sure how many in Boston or New York. For the challenge you need to find the 3 in the frontier. 1 each in Lexington and Concord and one in Monmouth
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