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How do I solve feline feet?

Ok, need some help. Either I am too slow or there is another way to defeat this cat. Do I have to chase him all the way out the mountain to kill it or shoot it? Or is there a way to shoot/kill it faster? Thx for the help.


drjrf2000 answered:

Actually you dont have to chase it. If you watch it, it makes a full circle. Just keep close to it on the radar (it goes underground, so stay "above" it) Once it comes out of the cave and jumps back up to where it started, you can knife it.
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rein2012 answered:

If you start running as soon as your done looking at the 2nd clue you can kill him with your hidden blades before he jumps over the first layed over tree, in like 1 to 2 seconds.
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Lolman88 answered:

Or whenever you start it, and the cat runs away, immediately shoot it with a bow ;)
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dashay18 answered:

Use poison darts. It will look like its getting away after you hit it with one...but then the poison kicks in an it trips over its feet LOL
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