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Asked: 2 years ago

Where do i find a blacksmith at on the Homestead?

Hi, i am needing some help finding a blacksmith as well as some other ppl on the homestead including the doctor hunter and innkeeper?

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Blacksmith can be found in the frontier, on map with homestead symbol, You must get the farmers to get the doctor because they have a baby and need one ( he's in boston and its a whole seperate quest). The hunter and innkeepers show up in the homestead... you just have to look at your map and do the homestead missions

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I think you mean you can't find them after you unlocked them. If that is the case then please nip on this site for a guide

And remember the name of the people in the homestead is shortened on you map to the first to letters.
So find on the site who your missing e.g the miner then run around homestead to find there name (norris) on the map (it shows as No in a white box) then follow them and keep scanning them until complete

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