Question from sinker_dl

Asked: 2 years ago

Every type of weapon?

Doing the second brawler challenge set and all I have left is "Kill an enemy with every type of weapon". Anyone know what the game considers a "type" of weapon? Anyone have a convenient list?

Accepted Answer

From: some-body 2 years ago

So, to sum up Om01kan3's answer, which I believe to be right, here's a checklist:

Hidden Blade
Bow & Arrow
Small weapon (dagger, tomahawk, etc.)
Blunt weapon (clubs)
Heavy weapon (axes)
Rope Dart
Poison Dart

Hope this gives you a clear list, but it Om01kan3 answered the question first.

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I used one of each type & got it. Not sure if that's all I had to do though.

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You probably need to use the poison darts after killing someone with one is when i got mine to work Additionally i think you need to use a pistol, a small weapon ie dagger or tomahawk, a blunt weapon ie one the clubs, a large weapon ie an ax, a sword, also you may need to use a rifle, a rope dart and the bow

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