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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find special iron ingots?

I am trying to get special iron ingots, but I've tried everything to get them. I've opened the chest once before (after i finished the main story line) but I didn't get any special ingots. I tried leaving the homestead and returning, but that didn't work. I finished that miner guy's missions (helped him get with this girl, which ended in him marrying her), but that didn't work either. I sold all my regular iron ingots (because apparently you cant have any for the chest to re-open?)

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You have to craft it

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In the homestead go to the stables just south of the mansion. The two stable are buildings one aligned East/West, and the Other North/South. Go behind the one aligned North/South. You should now be facing east looking at the ship in the bay below. On the edge of the cliff there is a small pile of rocks to the north and a larger pile of rocks to the south. Walk between these rocks and climb down the cliffs in the area between these piles of rocks. There is a ledge that you can drop onto that contains a wooden box that has 5 Iron ingots inside.

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I didn't receive ingots. Instead it said I received "A New Upgrade Available" and "New Recipe Acquired" and when I looked at the Notification Center it showed neither.

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