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How do I get into the door on Clockwork island?

There is door that you can swim to and i can't figure out how to open it. If you're facing the water, go right down the stairs, right on the beach and jump into the waters and hug the rocks to the right and you'll get there. Anyone know how to open it?

devilish_babe provided additional details:

What do you get once you open the door?

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killershawn710 answered:

You have to find the two easter hare eggs in the game. One is in Millfields. YOu get it by 'killing the statues at a certain time of day. The second egg is in the Keep. YOu have to go around and destroy the skulls and the door close to where you first enter the Keep unlocks. It is behind that door.
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quickr99 answered:

I have gotten 1 of the cohen statues to react. Is there a pattern that you shoot the status in or do you have to attack each statue with a different attack?
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