'Splosion Man Cheats


  • Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A Little Help from Your Friends (25)Complete the Multiplayer game.
    All Hail The Splode King (25)Complete the Single Player game in Hardcore mode.
    Eventual Destruction of a Galaxy (10)Be on the lookout for an old friend.
    Get Over Yourselves (10)Select "Credits" from the "Help & Options" menu and watch the whole thing.
    Get Them Out of Our Schools (10)Eliminate 10 Scientists and stop them from spreading their filthy lies.
    Lay Off the Caffeine (10)Splode 300 times in one stage.
    Master of Controls (10)Attempt to edit your controls in the options menu.
    Not a Portal Reference (25)Collect all 47 cakes in Single Player mode.
    Omaha Steaks?, Delicious! (15)Create 5,000 filets.
    Only Gandhi Would Be Proud (10)Finish a stage without killing any scientists.
    Sugar High (25)Collect all 47 cakes in Multiplayer mode.
    You're the Best Around! (25)Complete the Single Player game.

    Contributed By: Guard Master and xx99.

  • Avatar Awards

    These are awards for your avatar unlocked in Splosion Man. Two are for the male avatar and two are for the female avatar. (The other male is mentioned in another section on this page)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Big Science Dress (Female)Complete the multiplayer campaign.
    Big Science T-Shirt (Male)Complete the multiplayer campaign.
    Splosion Man Sweatshirt (Female)Break any glass in the game.
    Splosion man Tee shirt (for your avatar)Break any glass in the game (after 8/11/09)

    Contributed By: Bako_Ikporamee and remy17live.

  • Coward's Way Out- Let's you skip levels.

    To unlock this feature simply kill yourself repeatedly by holding right trigger until it unlocks.

    Contributed By: Fran_The_Viera.

  • Unlockable Gamer Pics and Premium Dashboard Theme

    Complete the following levels to get the reward:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    'Splosion Man Gamer PicBeat Single Level 1-4
    'Splosion Man Premium ThemeBeat Single Level 3-18
    Scientist Gamer PicBeat Multiplayer Level 1-4

    Contributed By: DTingley.

LIMBO Cheats


  • Avatar Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    LIMBO PetBeat the game.
    LIMBO Tee-shirtGet your first LIMBO achievement.

    Contributed By: ThePinkPwner.


  • Achievements

    Alone in the DarkBeneath the arthropod10
    Altitude is attitudeExploration off the ground5
    BacktrackingRide the crates10
    Climbing the CogDon't pull the lever just because you can10
    Going UpDon't let gravity keep you down10
    Guided by SparksThe crate is key10
    It's StuckPrepare a dry landing10
    No Point in DyingComplete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths10
    Under GroundVertical passageway10
    Urban ExplorationInvolves heavy lifting10
    Where Credit is duePersistence has its own reward100
    Wrong WayThat's not right5

    Contributed By: R351D3NT3V1L4.

Trials HD Cheats


  • Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bling (15)The player has made at least 5 Gold-level performances.
    Demon on Wheels (30)The Player has completed all Extreme tracks.
    Full Throttle (15)The player has completed Container Rush without releasing the throttle even for an instant.
    Leave Nothing in One Piece (5)The player has completely destroyed the motorcycle and broken every single bone in a single crash.
    Life is Harsh (20)The player has completed all hard tracks.
    Marathon (40)The player has completed the Ultimate Endurance tournament without any faults.
    Market Meltdown (15)Skyrocketing in Stock Market is only temporary. Be prepared for the fall and the big bang.
    Strike! (15)Get a strike in a midnight bowling event.
    The Challenger (10)The player has unlocked the first tournament.
    The Creator (5)The player has saved his/her first custom track.
    Trials Master (15)The player has unlocked every track in the game.
    Unyielding (15)The player has completed Groundhog Returns faultlessly without changing the rider's posture.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

  • All in game unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Easy difficulty & Reptile bike:Pass three beginner tracks
    Extreme difficulty:Pass three hard tracks
    Hard difficulty & Phoenix EVO bike:Pass three medium tracks
    Medium difficulty & Scorpion bike:Pass three easy tracks
    Micro Donkey bike:Pass "National Bike Cup" tournament with a gold medal result
    Platinum Club:Pass one extreme track (this unlocks the hidden platinum medal track time/fault limits)
    Skill game "Delivery":Pass one beginner track with a gold medal result
    Skill game "Down the Stairs":Pass two beginner tracks with gold medal results
    Skill game "Flip Hunter":Pass two easy medium with gold medal results
    Skill game "Giant Ball Outside":Pass three easy tracks with gold medal results
    Skill game "Hill Climb":Pass two easy tracks with gold medal results
    Skill game "In Flames":Pass three beginner tracks with gold medal results
    Skill game "Infernal Pinball":Pass one medium track with a gold medal result
    Skill game "Loose Screw":Pass three medium tracks with gold medal results
    Skill game "Target Hunt":Pass one easy track with a gold medal result
    Tournaments:Pass all tracks in any of the eight tournaments to unlock that tournament

    Contributed By: TraderSam.

  • Big Pack DLC Achievements

    Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Look Ma, I can fly! (20)Bounce 5 trampolines in succession in Skyway to reach new heights.
    No Deal (15)Which box to choose and when to bailout?
    Piggyback (15)Catch a ride and surf on top of a lowrider in Dangerous Ride. Can you go the distance?

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

  • Secret Gamer Pic

    When you unlock the Full Throttle achievement, you also unlock a Trials HD gamer pic.

    Contributed By: Thunder_Cat_1.

  • Secret Gamer Pic

    To unlock a Trials HD gamer pic featuring a demon with handle bars for horns, you must beat all extreme tracks.

    Contributed By: Thunder_Cat_1.


  • Big Thrills Achievements

    These achievements were added in the Big Thrills DLC pack

    CompetionistThe player has completed all of the Big Thrills tracks.20
    DetourUsed a jetpack to sneak into the Secret Base undetected.15
    Donkey ChallengeThe player has complete 'Barrel of Laughs' faultessly using the Micro Donkey bike.15

    Contributed By: Megaguts.

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