Question from xxxBadKittenxxx

how do I solve the tangled vale on magic 2012?

I have your answer right here:)

xxxBadKittenxxx provided additional details:

1st. Sign in Blood Nissa Revane
2nd. Cast Sudden Impact on Nissa Revane
3rd. Play Sickening Dreams & choose all cards in hand
4th. Use your Terramorphic Expanse
5th. Select yes to returning all Bloodgasts to play, they now all have haste
6th. Attack with all 4 Bloodgasts & finish her!

faile486 asked for clarification:

I tried this, and you're right, it works....but how? How is Sickening Dreams killing the creatures with more than 3 toughness?

To start with you have 6 cards in your hand, Sign in Blood, Sudden Impact, Sickening Dreams, Corrupt, and two Bloodghasts. You play two of those cards, leaving you with 4. You then play Sickening Dreams and discard 3 it counting Sickening Dreams as being discarded to itself?


Turantula001 answered:

@ faile486: All eight elf tokens would normally be 1/1, but they are being given +1/+1 by the Imperious Perfect, right? Well, when you kill that off with the 3 damage, the rest of the elves that have toughness 4 now have toughness 3... and 3 damage... dead. And then finally the Heedless ones have toughness equal to the number of elves about. Well, they're the only ones left. With 3 damage. Dead. So, yeah, 3 damage to all creatures wipes her elves off the table.
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luthiford answered:

I have tried this and is still leaves her with 2 live not sure what i am doing wrong but it doesn't work on my game
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