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In-Depth FAQs

Achievement Guide 05/26/13 Gamer364 35K
Achievement Guide 09/28/11 OmegaMustard 1.0 9K
Achievement Guide (PC) *new* 05/25/15 Gamer364 35K
Advanced Handgun Guide (PS2) 02/05/12 8bitPunk Leon 174K
Assignment Ada FAQ (GC) 01/26/05 ChandooG 0.1 23K
Boss FAQ (PS2) 02/05/12 8bitPunk .9 129K
Boss/Enemy FAQ (GC) 03/23/05 Aribeth 2.00 39K
Combat FAQ (GC) 02/08/05 samthebigkid 1.55 58K
Combat Tactics Guide (GC) 08/02/05 ChaosTheEternal 1.3 89K
Conservation Guide (GC) 05/28/05 Mr_Clumpy 24K
Death Scene Guide (PC) 09/19/11 AdmiralPo 1.64 39K
Easter Egg FAQ (GC) 06/19/06 Refreshment 2.5 63K
Enemy Guide (GC) 07/18/05 ieatdirttoo 1.10 52K
Game Script (GC) 10/26/05 Sailor Daravon 1.2 30K
HandCannon Guide (GC) 03/07/05 VampireHorde 16K
Handgun-Only FAQ (GC) 09/13/05 Severian113 1.2 18K
Infinite Rocket Launcher FAQ (GC) 07/11/05 Roll EXE 1.1 30K
Key Item FAQ (GC) 02/24/05 stone100 12K
Memo FAQ (GC) 02/07/05 ChandooG Done 32K
Mercenaries Score FAQ (GC) 08/01/05 Tmearn 1.00 20K
Mercenaries Walkthrough (GC) 07/05/07 Caution999 2.0 81K
Mercenaries Walkthrough (GC) 02/14/05 ragnew Final 43K
Minimum Shots Fired Challenge Guide (GC) 05/29/06 admiralhowdy 1.41 143K
No Merchant Challenge Guide (PS2) 02/10/06 VMerken Gamma 158K
No Merchant Combat Knife/Handgun Guide (PS2) 02/13/06 VMerken Beta 230K
Plot Analysis (PS) 12/15/05 marleone_torlen 2.a 802K
Plot Analysis (PS) 02/21/06 TWilde / President Evil 677K
Puzzle Solutions (GC) 10/02/07 AngelIz831 1.9 12K
Resident Evil History Guide (GC) 08/20/05 REmanZ 1.45 163K
Save Point Locations FAQ (PS2) 11/28/05 piecemealcranky 2.0 12K
Shooting Range FAQ (GC) 02/19/05 Typh 1.0 26K
Speed Guide (GC) 04/25/05 VampireHorde 65K
Treasure FAQ (GC) 01/29/05 0Aced0 DONE 18K
Treasure Guide (PS2) (HTML) 01/06/10 Mookiethebold Ada 50K
Weapon Analysis Guide (GC) 01/04/09 ZackScott 0.5 91K
Yellow Herb Location Guide (GC) 10/31/05 VampireHorde 17K

Foreign Language FAQs

Secrets FAQs

Secrets FAQ (PS2) 03/29/08 Garamoth 1.03 23K

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