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Will this resident evil be split screen or only online?

Just wondering because i like the split screen of the newer resident evils

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este914 answered:

This game (unlike RE5) lacks a split screen co-op option. You will only be able to play "co-op" modes with your friends online. Also there is no system link in this game so you cannot play co-op that way either.
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LankyKong answered:

Online only, sadly.
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Brodystfu answered:

You can technically "split screen" with your friend over x-box live.
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iKnowlittle answered:

If it's online i hope it's nearly as good as BF3 cuz fps like uncharted and bioshocks r boring....
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Jorichi answered:

There is no local multi-player/split screen in this game. You can only co-op online. There is only the option to hope they give us an update for it someday.
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xcrimsonlegendx answered:

No, it will never have split screen. They left it out and it'd be basically impossible to patch an entire feature like that back into the game post release.
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