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How do I kill leon ?

Im having trouble killing leon on the last mission, i can clear out every other enemy in the area but leon is giving me trouble, any help would be greatly appriciated thanx

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DarkLink_900 answered:

I found the best way was hold back and not go too close as his accuracy is outstanding and the power it creates is really good aswell. There should be a locked container somewhere near by holding a 'precision rifle' shoot the locks of the container to get access to the rifle. At this time you need to take cover but still have Leon in your sight, this way you can shoot from a far distance making it difficult for him to shoot as often as he would if you were to be up close.

Once you have gained your cover, pop up and down shooting Leon in the head (if he is taking cover as well in the storage room he is in) while he is taking cover, however when he stands up as he will most likely get the shot on you first shoot him anywhere possible. Before you kill him you will run out of ammo with the precision rifle. You will then need to go back to where you exchanged your previous weapon and then use that.

The method used with the precision rifle still applies, however you will need to get a bit closer this time, make sure you use your grenades wisely and accurately and keep your health up by using the first aid sprays and green herbs nearby. I hope this helps, if you have any other questions, message me on XBL or on here. My GT-DarkLink 900. Good luck :)
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