Question from Cannabis419

Asked: 2 years ago

What are the pre-order bonuses for xbox 360?

What are the pre-order bonuses for xbox 360 when pre-ordering from

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From: Leon388 2 years ago

You get 2 guns: the Combat Shotgun (I think that's what it's called) and the Anti-Material Rifle
You also get 6 costumes (Color Swaps) for all the characters.

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Scratch that didn't see the extra information that stuff is for gamestop, not sure for amazon.

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Dont bother with the preorder bonuses, just get the special edition or download the weapon stash dlc for 640 points, it will give everything.

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I got a Limited Edition from Best Buy that came with a Combat SMG and the Perforator and the 6 costumes.

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