• Achievements

    An Eye For An EyeDestroy 50 troops using only your troops10
    BreakoutDestroy 50 wall segments using only fireballs10
    Control FreakOwn all Control Points at the same time in a 4 player game20
    Defender Of The WeakBanish the Black Knight 50 times20
    Divine InterventionGet the White Knight Shield 50 times10
    Fish In A BarrelDestroy 50 troops using only fireballs10
    Just BarelyWin a game with no wall segments left20
    Master MasonRepair 50 wall segments back to full health10
    Power Is EverythingObtain 50 powerups20
    Savior of AtariaComplete the single player campaign10
    Siege EngineDestroy 50 wall segments using only troops10
    Warlords FeverWin 103 matches50

    Contributed By: Guard Master.