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Asked: 3 years ago

DLC Release dates & Future Extras?

Does anyone know when the Identity Crisis Suits DLC pack will be available on the marketplace for anyone who wasn't able to get the specific Preorder copy of the game?

Also any idea if there will be DLC other than "Identity Crisis", "Big Time" or "Future Foundation"?
Maybe more unique ability suits, new golden spider skills to use up the surplus amount or an expansion of the Story Mode Including Web Of Challenges.

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I don't know, but infinite crisis is a gamestop preoder, so most likely it will go on the marketplaces. The other two dlc's should be unlockable in the game or by the secret cheats in the cheat section. It will be probably take a few months to a year to get the finite crisis dlc up on the marketplaces.

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Look at my trade offers.

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6 Months on and and the Identity Crisis Suits DLC pack still hasn't been released to the public, anyone else annoyed?

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Yes, very annoyed.

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