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Pilgrim's charm, where to get it?

Valniro Farewell quest

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Nadezhda_ answered:

There is one in Soulflayer cavern, it will always be a pilgrim's charm. it's tucked in a corner near spiders, a chest and a rope bridge. it will take the form of a white bag sitting in the corner.
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mazazon answered:

You can find it randomly in some chests and a few of the traveling merchants sell charms.
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Maakz answered:

Fournival, the noble merchant, sells one for about 35k I believe? It may be a lot more, but I was sure it was under 50k
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oSilverDragono answered:

Yes Fournival sells it. also if u cant get a hold of him due to story events, its in Soulflayer Canyon not catacombs as hinted in game.
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darkLIGHTking answered:

But you can also combine two items to get it, I forget the two items names
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tofuninja answered:

As darkLIGHT said you can combine a veterans pariapt with a bankers periapt to get one
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gigagreymonx answered:

You can buy it from Fournival for 70k
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