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where can I find the bronze and gold idol?

I've already find the silver one,that I gave to the weapons seller in fountain plaza.I need the other one or two 2 give at madaleine.

kaizomugi1990 provided additional details:

I've already complete that task.but the girl didn't give me the idol.I even try to give her the flower 2 rise the reputation but with no result.any suggest?

kaizomugi1990 provided additional details:

Yea but the real problem ain't the gold idol itself.the problem is if the weapons had been different,since i gave the bronze one and the items were pretty sucks.thanks anyway

Accepted Answer

isdah187 answered:

Not much you can do about the gold idol, in the same boat myself, did the quest, even succeeded in the escort but apparently did not get the idol either. (I did the escort before actually getting the idol quests so perhaps that's what messed me up)

But from what I have heard apparently you "should" agree to what she says while escorting and let her win the stupid footrace, for whatever that info is worth to someone else who comes along looking at this question before doing the quest.
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MissGhoulScout answered:

The Bronze Idol can be found either in the Dragonforge's little cave area or it can be found in the Witch's Hut in Witchwood if you've already gotten the one in Dragonforge's cave and sold it or lost it.

The Gold Idol is a quest reward for a quest (babysitting his daughter) you get from Fournival (The wealthy guy in Gran Soren that gives you a side quest to evict his tenants).
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