Question from iuli_san

what to do after I kill the dragon ?

After I killed the dragon and Grand Soren is destroyed is the game over or is still something left to do ?
And the second question , I buyed an item from an old guy that makes me change the characters aparence but I can't find this item in my inventory... where is it ?

jerrystrife7 asked for clarification:

Would like to know where u buy the "character customization" item? What's the item's name? Where is the shop/seller?

Thanks in advance!


HappyFrisbees answered:

You're at "post game". There's still lots to do. Go to the duke's manor and try to speak with the duke to start the quest line where you venture into the destroyed section. Be warned that after you "turn in 20 wakestones" your post game is over and it starts New Game+ where you start over, but keep your level and items.

Second question, that item allows the Start Game menu to have an extra option

New Game
Load Game
Character Customization

I may have the choices wrong, but the one it allows is the Character Customization. Go to that and you can edit how your character looks. The 5k item that you may have bought is what time use only and that option goes away. The one for 10k makes that option stay there permanently.
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Zerobeam answered:

To answer jerrystrife7, the only place I've ever seen the guy is next to the riftstone in the Encampment (next to Cassardis), he sells that item along with a few others that let you further customize your pawn. Just be warned, he sells his items for Rift Crystals, not gold.
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praxis32 answered:

There is also a barber in the capital that can change your appearance
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fireburnsstuff answered:

If there is a giant hole in the middle of the city, jump down into it. I know it sounds crazy but trust me. The first ledge that you reach will give you your next quest.
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