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How do you feed the bandit's pet Cyclops ?

To start you must be a female player and have all female
members to get here. then during the Gremoire quest you will
go to the female bandit's camp. Here you may be able to take a side quest about feeding the bosses pet cyclops. My question is how do you feed it and what do you feed it ?

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djchayan answered:

no need to be a female just buy a dress on Black Cat shop "Set of Ladys Garb" is called wear it before meeting Ophis so you wont get attacked by her at sight if uyou get attecked just run and comeback dont kill her.
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clyde_ghost answered:

The pet cyclops isnt the ine out front of heavenspeak mind you. Its actually a bit west from there in ophis' domain. And feed him a goblin. Preferably a hobgoblin for a more hearty meal ;)
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Mr_Feesh answered:

Also, try not to put the goblin corpse down. They have a tendency to disappear. Bring plenty of stamina items if you need to.
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OddmanUG answered:

Kill a Goblin. Pick up the corpse. Have a lot of mushrooms on you. Keep eating them to refill your stamina until you get to Ophis Domain. Stand in front of the pet Cyclops. If done right, he will make a swiping motion and grab the Goblin. Sometimes he picks you up instead. I tried dropping the Goblin just as he grabbed, and that worked better than just standing there. If you put the corpse down, it will dissolve before he can grab it.
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avatar1785 answered:

Oddman its partially right, but you dont have to carry the gobling for a mile, there goblins just outside the cyclops' den, kill 1, grab it, walk to the den, then stand infrnt of the cyclops, this last part its triky, the goblin will dissapear if you drop it, you must wait for the cyclops notice you and wait for the right moment to drop the gobli, DO NOT TOSS IT AT HIM, its just a matter of timming, when he make a swim whit his left arm, and bend over just a little then drop the goblin otherwise he wil grab you and bite your head, luckly this dosent count as an atack and your pawns will not response.

NOTE: havethe token withyou make all the fembandids desapear from the woods and replace them with wolves at night, alot (curuislly that dosent happen with the male bandids...)
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