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How do I beat (ur dragon)?

Ok guys so you know the ur dragon yada yada it's hard it's got a lot of bars. Well I have been going at it and it's got on bar left. I've. Been running maker arrows and assassin. But the problem is why is it everytime I return the ur dragons health CHANGES?! please someone help me out. Thank you.

Bradafrom808 provided additional details:

Ahh thank you. I was wondering! Cause i go at it with max assassin with invisibility and maker arrows taking out a limb everytime. Then when i restock his health his back im like wtf lol.

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Gento70 answered:

There are 2 versions of the Ur-dragon. An online and offline version. The online one has MASSIVE health and takes multiple players rotating in to beat it, the offline is easier and beatable by one player and his/her pawns. To beat the Ur-dragon, you'll see some glowing points on the dragon, you have to climb the dragon and attack those glowing points (exactly like how you fought the Golem).
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Valedrel answered:

Um im pretty sure the ur dragon is connected online. So if you are online and fighting the ur dragon its health will change as other players are damaging it too.
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