Question from pow3R92

Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find King Bay Leaf?

I went to Witchwood but the golem are stucked and i can't reach the area to get them :S can someone please trade me a King Bay Leaf? if someone is so kind i need 5 for the Heaven's Key :P
By the way my GT is: pMp pow3R
and my pawn name is Kayt

Additional details - 2 years ago

i did some quest for the duke right now and i've never met those 3 people :S idk why :(

I tryed that also in NG+ but nothing happens! :(

can you help me to get one?

Additional details - 2 years ago

ah that's why!! I didn't do that sidequest to help Quina :S ffs!
If you can send me one of the King Bay Leaf i will be happy :) i can forge the rest!

Gamertag: pMp pow3R
Pawn: Kayt

Accepted Answer

From: ChibiLeen 2 years ago

The fact that the Witch Hunt quest doesn't trigger for you may yet have an explanation. Very early in the game (either right before or right after you drive the Hydra away), you will have the opportunity to seek out Quina who went to the Witchwood on her own ("Lost and Found" quest). I am not 100% certain, but I believe that if you do not do this quest, further quests related to Selene are locked as well. Make sure you do that quest before meeting the Duke, or you will not have access to the three quests related to the area where the King Bay Leaves grow.
I don't have enough leaves for you right now, but I can send you one and you can forge the rest. :)

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Just to clarify: where are you in terms of main story quests?
Right after you meet the Duke, you can trigger a quest that opens up the area you need. In the main square in Gran Soren, you will find three people chatting by the fountain, talking about the Witch. This will give you a quest related to Selene, and you will have access to the place where King Bay leaves grow.

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