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Where is Madeleine now?

I finished the Bad Business quest for Madeleine and was wondering where is she once she departs? She mentions finding somewhere else to set up shop but I have no idea where. I checked Gran Soren(as dumb as that was lol) and Cassardis. She wasn't at either so any information as to where she is after completing the Bad Business quest would be great.

P.S - She does mention that she'll find me when she can to repay her debt. Wondering if I just have to keep playing and she'll eventually show up.

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I figured it out.

Avatar1785- you are right that she is in the inn at Cassardis but didn't specify when.
Chris764- you are mentioning the wrong time. The Bad Business quest isn't the first quest you get Madeleine where you escort her to the capital. Because that's when she appears in the inn at gran Soren. The bad business quest takes place after she sets up shop in gran Soren where you have to figure out what happened to her cause you visit her shop and she's not there. So the info you gave was everything before The Bad Business quest. Thanks for trying to help though.

Anyway, for anyone else wondering where Madeleine goes, I've still yet to figure out if she is anywhere once the quest concludes and BEFORE you finish the final dragon boss. I do know that once you do beat the final dragon, she's in the inn in Cassardis. Before besting the dragon, not sure if she is anywhere cause I checked Cassardis and she wasn't there, but finish the last dragon quest and get to post game, she'll be in Cassardis inn.

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avatar1785 answered:

Sorry iwas vague, the reason why you dont find her BEFORE the dragon battle its beacous she is what i call "main side plot", this means: she is i love option and she has her own chain, like any other love options they dissapear just at the end of their chain quests, with exception of selene and fornival (if found innocent)((serously i can believe he is main option for romance but they said he is)), once you have enter the lair of the dragon, the one with more affinity is chosen to apear at the moment of the bargain, and any other quest related with "main side plot" they are finished nad the characters released, if madeline its not your the one, she will return.
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avatar1785 answered:

I saw her in the village, inside the inn. she didnt move elsewhere after that but you must look carfully since she walks here and there, check cassardiss carefully she must be there
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chris764 answered:

Once u do The quest bad bussiness she goes to the inn in gran soren(try waiting a couple of days at the inn) then after u do the main quest thats inn the pawn guild -the one where u have to go under the pawn guild-well once u complete that she leaves the inn and opens her own shop straight across from the black cat once u do the quest "chasing shadows" hope that helps.
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