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Asked: 2 years ago

Infinite gold glitch not working.?

When I first heard it of the carrot money trick and it worked then later it said I could only buy up to 99 carrots. I started a new file later and it still does the same thing, I even tried it both on and offline. Pleeeeaaaaaaasssssssse help!!

Additional details - 2 years ago

How do I delete the update and if I do will it affect other stuff like DLC and is it worth it if not other ways to get money would help

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The carrot glitch has been patched by the latest update you cant do it anymore unless you delete the update

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I know another one. and it DOES work. ive done it plenty of times.its after the last battle at the top of blue moon tower. i think that was the fight against a mage. anyhow, there is a crapload of money up there and a port crystal , some heals , and gryphic chest armor. after the fight,you can still fight your way up there or use the port crystal at the bottom of the tower. this works as a teleporter. every few days, you can go up there and get the loot. there are undead and harpies along the way.

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