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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I get inside barred side door in frontier caverns?

How do I get inside barred side door in frontier caverns? The one ine room with the Cycops you have to kill to get the silver icon in the "Put out the eye" side quest. The little barred gate to the right of the entrace with the chest behind it. And also, does the big gate open at all?

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In addition, it is after you get inside the huge circuler chamber where the Cyclops is, to the right.

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I did "put out the eye" and got the Silver Icon but it did not open. Is they're another related quest?

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But at that time how do you open it (small door)? And again does the big door open?

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From: DukeofChutney 2 years ago

You get a notice board quest later in the game that leads back to those caverns, after the quest is complete it opens.

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That gate on the side (with the chest) will open when you go back there during the post-game (after 'The Final Battle'). You may to accept a certain Notice Board quest that leads you back there, though.

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