Question from SharkMe

Asked: 2 years ago

Rusty Weapons?

So I'm looking at Enhancing Items, and I noticed that the Rusty Weapons, like the Rusty Sword cost 94.440 gold to upgrade to tier 3. Why is it so much to upgrade such a poor weapon?

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From: Wrymthem 2 years ago

Upgrading Rusty Weapons gives you Torpor and Poison.

Torpor slows down enemies to a crawl and makes dodging and defeating them MUCH easier.
Poison does damage over time, and if combined with certain augments, can do good damage.

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I dont know, i upgraded it all three tiers and its still only about one third as powerful as my current weapon. Im at level 28

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When you upgrade rusted weapons your basically paying for the debilitation's like poison, torpor...etc

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Gold weapons also get Silence at tier3.

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At grade 2 they get 1 debilitation, grade 3 gets 2, dragonforged is 3

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Lol, the upgrades increase the chances that you will give your enemy tetnis.

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