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Asked: 2 years ago

How to kill THE UR Dragon?

I am a level 52 fighter with decent armor and stats i guess, also a MK close to 7 vocations now, i cannot f#%$^#&ing kill the UR dragon, it always runs away i don't even do that much damage, i know that i need to hit the glowing spots, so can anyone lend me their high level pawn? or any advice on what i can do.

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Im level 112 and ive never dealt the final blow either. Its hard to actually tell how much damage youre dealing before it flies away. The health bar barley moves when I fight it too. but usually when i come back right after for another round theres less health. Its mostly about timing to get to the UR dragon when theres little to no health left. Ive done it once where there was no visible health left but someone else got the final blow. Just remember that theres millions of other players trying to do the exact same thing that youre trying and only ONE person actually gets the final blow. Just keep trying and get there at the right time when theres little health left.
If you want my pawn:
pawn- Nani (ranger)
Good luck.

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Best way i pulled off the kill was with a Makers Arrow that fournival sells..when ur is near death use it and most hearts should be near a few hits to destroy..gotta get good timing though

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