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Where are the Hidden Survivors?

There's two that spawn in Palisades at 1AM on the 26th (day 2), but I noticed Hunger Pains being delayed until I turned in my 7 person group on day 3. My only Conclusion is that there is another survivor that spawns around this time (3AM - 6AM) I just can't find him/her. It could also be a psycho too I suppose, but every one I know about is dead by that time. (including WWJWD?)
It's either #108 or #116 in the notebook.

Travis357 provided additional details:

The Tape it or Die Crew doesn't count as a survivor or psychopath because if you finish it with 7 people in your group, Hunger Pains and Bank Job still won't start.

Travis357 provided additional details:

The Tape it or Die group will also still spawn if you have 7 people in your group (the eighth still unaccounted for) and Doesn't start till 6:00AM. Hunger Pains should start at 5:00 AM unless you have a full group. So Tape it or Die can't be affecting the Case Delay.


arellanojuan answered:

I found the tape it or die people at 8:00 am on 27/9 in the palisades mall. Ofcourse you need to make sure that there is room for 4 people rule.. And they have signs and are annoucing there broadcast over the mall speakers. They have a bunch of signs on plywood tape or die with arrows. Sometime around case 3 or 4 you can save Earvin Gooding from fallng in the Palisades mall.
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