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Asked: 3 years ago

What can you combine with lightsaber and katana?

I know how to make the lightsaber and i also know where you can find katana.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Where can you make the bfg and electric prod? What is the bfg?

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you combine the light saber with the Lightning Gun(BFG + Electric Prod) combo weapon to make the Laser Gun combo weapon and you combine the katana with the sickle to make the Reaper combo weapon.

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Yes, Mizike2201 is right. However, to get the combo cards for the Reaper, you must get gold on the double trouble challenge in sandbox mode, and the other you just get by leveling up shortly after you get the lightning gun combo card.

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You can find Electric Prods in Hot Excitorama and BFG (Blast Frequency Gun) can be found in the Science Lab (access via the elevator in the Palisades Mall). Combine those to make Lightning Gun and combine that with Laser Sword to make Laser Gun.

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