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Asked: 3 years ago

Create team?

How come you can't create a team using the legend or the greatest players from the challenges like from NBA 2k11? you could create a team using micheal jordan why not in NBA 2k12; because I wanted to create a team pitting the greatest from the past to the greatest of today, kobe, lebron, dwayne vs. Jordan, Larry, Magic, Kareem..etc????

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I just wish that you can spell a city name across the jersey, rather than just a letter! I really wish they add that.
I didnt buy 2k12 cause i didnt see much of a change but to add/assign players cant you just put the legends on a regular team, then go to create a team and add them from there? idk

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You first have to export the legends team and go to roster and trade as much as your brain can F*CK!

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