Question from nomercy916

Asked: 2 years ago

What do i have to do in the rookie showcase to get drafted to a good team?

A good team like the knicks or a team of there status.

Accepted Answer

From: isaacgt 2 years ago

You need to get a good teammate grade if you can. Like a B or higher. To do that, try to cut down on the turnovers. Get about 1 or 2 rebounds. 4 or 5 assists. 8 or 10 points. and try to get either 1 steal or 1 block. If you do this, you should be drafted to a better team. Also play good defense, or else that will deplete your teammate grade. It's okay to give up 2-3 baskets. One last thing. Try to complete all of the goals that it gives you. Hope this works for you!

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