Question from nickassassin23

Does this game take for ever to beat?

I know that the last assassin's creed games, i have beaten took me about 2 to 3 days to complete. So i was wondering if this game was alot longer then others .


MegaManZ3ro answered:

Depends if you mean storyline only or all of the optional quests and such. Brotherhood had far more optional side quests, so if you were able to 100% complete the previous two that quickly, this one may take you about as long.
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gimliskar answered:

Overall took about 12 hours to complete 100% synch with most side missions down exception being factions. To 1000 out, took about 20 for storyline,those damn books are so expensive, 10 for multi-player.

The time trials for this one are much easier compared to the last one and their are far fewer of them. There are a couple that require smart use of bombs but overall if you played the last two you should have no trouble, as you start with almost every item except crossbow.
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