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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I go back to Cappadocia?

I'm on sequence 7, and I've completed the first 2 memories. Before continuing on with the sequence, I went back and completed the previous 6 sequences 100%.

The problem is now I am in Constantinople, not Cappadocia, and I cannot start the next memory because I am in the wrong city. Where do I go to take a boat or whatever to change cities?

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@currere I've replayed memory 1 & 2 in sequence 7, and I still end up back up in Cappadocia. I cannot select the third says I have to find the starting point for the memory in game.

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From: kinnovittorio 3 years ago

If you look at the map, there should be a ship (or ferry) on the bottom furthest right of Galata that should say something like "Travel to Cappadocia". Remember that Galata District is the island that is isolated from Constantinople. It has the Galata Tower =)

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After you complete sequence 7, there's a boat to Cappadocia at the east side of Galata. I can't say if it's there if you're still in sequence 7 though. Have you tried replaying the two first memories in sequence 7 to see if that brings you back to Cappadocia? Or checked if the third memory is available from the DNA menu?

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Boat at the bottom right of Galata

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I have a similar problem. I finished the last part of sequence 6 where Ezio gets on the boat. It was about to start sequence 7 but instead I replayed a previous memory then turned the game off. When I started the game the next day I started off in Constantinople with no start point for sequence 7. I go to the DNA screen to see if I could start the first memory in sequence 7 but it tells me to go to the start point. Can I still get on the boat even though I haven't completed the sequence or even played the first memory?

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After you have finished Sequence 7, there will be a ferry in the Galata district that will say "Travel to Cappadocia". This ferry is located on the far right corner of the Galata district.

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After you have finished Sequence 7, there will be a ferry in the Galata district that will say "Travel to Cappadocia". This ferry is located on the far right corner of the Galata district.

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I'm having the same issue
I beat Sequence 7 Memory 1 and I quit the game, when my game loaded up again I ended up in Constantinople "without a paddle" back to Cappadocia. I can't continue my story to play Memory 2 - I'm essentially in limbo. I can complete any side mission in Constantinople and can even go back to the DNA and replay memories but I can't continue my story. I tried replaying Sequence 7 Memory 1, but after finishing it, I ended up back in Constantinople. Seeing how others are having this same problem in Memories 2, 3 and 4, and finding a number of forums with simliar concerns, it is clearly not an isolated incident.

If anyone is still having issues with this, please call Ubisoft Customer Support at 919-460-9778 or send a message through I informed them and I got an automatically generated response saying they can't give hints, tips and game advice, which I then proceeded to laugh, but the phone support is more helpful. They are making a note of it and informing the higher ups, hopefully for a download update/patch for the game. Please contact them and let them know you are having this issue so they can create an update soon! For example, tell them that a boat should pop up if you start any mission in Sequence 7. If enough people contact them, they'll create the update sooner I'm sure. I saw in the PC version that there is a ship to Cappadocia -, but maybe it's not popping up on consoles unless you beat them game completely, which is ridiculous. The only other option is to delete the game and start over? That's insane, who create a game that does that?

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