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Asked: 3 years ago

When does my assassin recruit finish the little prince mission?

When will he be done the little prince mission so i can lvl him up . he's been on the mission since i started the game .

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From: HoshunMk112 3 years ago

Towards the end of the chapter. It's considered a story mission.

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I am having the same problem.

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Continue with the story line after awhile (I can't remember how long) he will come back as a master assassin and you will have to do a story mission

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He won't appear again untill the last misson in sequence 3 or 4, called The Senitinal Part 2. He will be level 14 and compeleting the level will upgarde him to Master assassin, so the Galata district can not be taken over by Templars. Just keep doing story missons and you will be fine.

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He will be available once you start Sequence 4.

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