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Asked: 3 years ago

Beating up Duccio?

There is an achievement called "Bully" and to get it, it says: "Find and beat up Duccio." I have already beaten the game and as I was running around doing free-roam, I found Duccio (he had a red marker above his head, signifying that he was an enemy. I also recognized his face). Without thinking, I accidentally killed him with my hidden blade and as soon as I killed him I remembered about the achievement. Is there any way to make him respawn or another way to get the achievement?

Additional details - 3 years ago

Yeah that's what happened to me but I accidentally killed him there and now I need to know if he will come back,

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From: LintRoller 3 years ago

The same thing happened to me. I saw the marker and killed him before I realized who it was.

He should randomly turn up again; he did for me. I think the game will keep respawning him until you actually beat him up, so just wait around for him to show up again.

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Time to start a new game.

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for me Duccio showed up in a corner on the master assassin mission where you have to interrogate the merchants who are getting bribes from the Templars; he was walking in a circle in a corner of the marketplace drinking; he showed up as a red kill mark on your mini-map.

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He showed up for me on a master assassin mission and I killed him on accident and he respawned at least 5 times. Lol I didnt know who it was at the time I just kept killing him.

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