Question from rabidpencil

Asked: 3 years ago

More master assassins?

I've got the 7 master assassins for the dens/achievement. But the rest are still at level 10, despite having enough xp to be much higher. Can they not level up higher than 10?

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From: rincewind1990 3 years ago

No, 10 is the max for all non master assassins. only the seven den masters can go higher than level 10.

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So, if I have master assassins defending euro cities, I have unmanned dens? Does that mean only non-masters can defend cities?

This makes no sense to me as I thought my goal should be to have all
Master assassins defending dens and cities!

Should only 10's be defending other cities?

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Your master assassins can still defend the towers without being there (if you sent them to defend cities). What I did was do the missions in each city that has you Install an Assassins Den. That increases the amount of assassins place able in a city by one. I built enough to have 5 assassins in each city and replaced my master assassins with five level 10 ones. That put the control level to 100% and I still had my master assassins...

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