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Do we find out why Desmond killed ... ?

Do we find out why 'the ones who came before' made Desmond kill Lucy?

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rx54 answered:

He needed to go into a coma to unlock that "black" section of the animus, to restore himself to prevent him from becoming a person with split-personalities combined of Altair, Ezio, and of course Desmond (himself). Stabbing Lucy put him into shock and into a coma, but i'm sure the "ones who came before" could have easily made himself trip over his foot and bang his head to get the same result... so i'm not completely sure why...
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DutchKraken answered:

No, you don't find out why, you do find out if it succeeded.
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KyutaSyuko answered:

If you ask me this was answered in Brotherhood when he did it. "the ones who came before" told Desmond of another girl he was supposed to meet, but knew of Desmond's feelings for Lucy and saw her as a hindrance but couldn't do anything to her directly so they made Desmond do it for them.
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hartalan answered:

Some people say she was a templar. who knows maybe they just felt like some one needed to die haha
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