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Asked: 3 years ago

Where is a good spot to wait for the templar tax collector?

He doesnt seem to show up as often in this game.

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Unfortunatly there isnt really a good place to wait he is a random spawn just like the stalkers.

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I wanted to know the same thing so I did some research and found something that worked for me.

1) Wait till you have money in your bank account. DO NOT WITHDRAW IT.

2) Go to the east entrance to the Arsenal (Where the riots took place in the campaign).

3) Take just a few steps into the Arsenal and the tax collector should appear on your mini-map.

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Thanks collinds, it worked for me eventually. If anyone else is having trouble with it, I would just add it needs to be done during daylight hours. Spent all night at that entrance and nothing, but not too long after the sun came up it worked.

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