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Asked: 3 years ago

How can i change the language?

I'm playing the nordic version of the game, but i want it in english. How do i change the language?

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isnt it the language determined by the language of the xbox (that if the game has multi lenguage), if your game has only the nordic then you are screwed =P

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Go to the main menu of the game and select options then go to language and select english.

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Here is what I discovered playing with the .ini file
It involves modifing a file-

Go to "Documents"
Find the "Assassin's Creed- Revelations" game folder
Create a folder- name it whatever you please
Copy the .ini file

Open the ACRevelation.ini file with Notepad or Wordpad
Locate the line [Language]
It should read as follows


Modify the values to read or (copy & paste)
to your own file


Save & close
Start game & it will now be in English

This worked for me; now if I can find out how to
change the sensitivity of the camera motion
I'm in business....

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Main Menu: Options: Spoken Language/Subtitlie Language

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