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Altair Outfit download not working in Assassin's Creed Revelations? Open 1
Animus Data Fragments? Answered 2
Armor of Brutus DLC Pre-Order ? Open 2
Avatar Awards? What Are They? How Do I Get Them? Answered 1
Best sword and dagger? Answered 1
Can you change back into the original skin? Open 1
Can you recruit Female Assassins? Answered 1
Change from DLC to original skin? Open 1
Cheats? Open 2
Data Fragment Collection? Answered 1
Does this game have any special armor? Answered 2
Easy money? Answered 2
Elderly Altair armour? Open 2
Golden Weapons? Open 2
How could I get the Altair Pre-Order Code? Open 1
How do I use the parachute? Open 8
How do you choose a secondary weapon? Answered 1
How do you turn on the unlockables for completing 100% memories? Open 1
How many hidden Tombs and where? Open 4
How to collect data fragments? Answered 1
How to put an armor back on? Open 1
Is there a diference in map betwen Renovated shops and Non Renovated Shops? Answered 1
Ishak Pasha armour? Answered 1
Ishak Pasha's memoir pages? Answered 3
Items in Sequence 3? Answered 1
Multiplayer Characters? Answered 1
No Parachutes? Open 2
Trying to get achievement for looting dead bodies ? Open 1
Unused pedestal in the weapons room ? Answered 2
Uplay solo pack? Open 1
Using crossbow? Answered 3
Vlad the Impaler prison mission? Answered 4
Vlad's sword disappeared? Answered 2
What are the 3 unlockable outfits? Open 3
What does buying the books from the book store do? Open 2
What does the killing spree calling all assasins and metal buns do? Open 1
What skins are available for each edition? Open 1
Whats "thief looting?" Answered 1
Where can I find (coal dust)? Answered 2
Where can I find the bookstore in Cappadocia? Answered 1
Where can I find the last animus fragment? Open 1
Where is the Turkish Armor I redeemed? Can someone help? Open 3
Where's my emblem? Open 2
Why is Yusuf`s Turkish Kiljil better than The Sword Of Altair? Answered 2
With the Signature Edition, what does this exclusive DLC actually provide? Open 4
Other Help status answers
"Enhancement" unlocks, how to enable? Answered 1
(create your own question)how Can I get Gehmets Dagger and Yusuf's Turkish Kilij? Open 2
Additional achievements help? Answered 1
All blocked well locations? Open 2
Any bonuses from having saved games from previous AC games? Answered 4
Anyone found a second secret area? Answered 1
Anyone have an unused code for crusader character? Open 1
Can a den defence still be performed ? Open 1
Can a master assassin die? Open 1
Can anyone please give me a code to unlock the crusader? Please!! ill give u a reward back i promise! Open 1
Counter Steal? Answered 4
Couriers? Answered 3
Desmond Sequence 4 Soundtrack? Open 1
Do cities ever run out of missions for your assassin recruits? Answered 1
Do you think that I should play the first series of the game ? Answered 3
Does any one need the ACR soundtrack and/or the ACE film ? Open 2
Does this game take for ever to beat? Open 2
Faction abilities? Answered 3
Game changes since AC2? Open 4
Glitched old Altiar's outfit? Open 1
How can i stop the hook and run tutorial? Answered 1
How do i sell objects to merchants ? :/ Answered 1
How do u get the ottoman doctor and the knight in multi? Answered 1
How do you invite friends to play online with you in revelations? Open 1
How do you kill someone with a thrown weapon? Answered 1
How do you save your game? Open 3
How many books must I have to obtain "sage"? Open 1
Is it possible to map out locations of certain recruits? Unanswered 0
Is the Armor of Brutus just a skin or is it real armor? Answered 2
Is the game meant to be glitchy? Answered 2
Is the signature edition purchasable without pre ordering? Answered 2
Is there a glitch with the thieves? Answered 3
Is there a way to keep playing after the game is completed? Open 1
Is this the last game of assassins creed? Answered 6
Ishak pasha armor won't go away!? Open 1
Issue with signature edition please help? Answered 2
Kill to burn? Open 2
Lightning Strike Achievement? Open 3
Odd 'Target' marker? Answered 2
One of my dens is being attacked? Open 1
Prestige? Answered 1
Sage Acheviement trouble? Open 2
Second Secret Area? Answered 1
Temple of solomon? Answered 1
Total number of assassins recruited bug? Answered 4
Training other assassin's? Answered 2
Vlad Tepe??? Open 1
We have dyes ? Answered 2
What does a hidden tome icon look like? Open 2
What is does the bonus "+1 assassin slot(s) in the city" do? Answered 1
What is the best way to do the den defenses? Answered 6
What is the significance of the voices in story mode? Answered 1
What weapons can I get? Answered 1
Where do you start the Piri Reis missions? Open 1
Where is a good spot to wait for the templar tax collector? Open 3
Why can't I get credit for recruiting assassins? Answered 2
Why did I get this stuff? Answered 1
Why does my assassin recruit not return from his mission? Open 1
Why is there two empty slots in my weapon wheel? Open 2
Will there be any co-op modes? Answered 1
WTF happend? Open 1

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