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"Enhancement" unlocks, how to enable? Answered 1
Additional achievements help? Answered 1
Any bonuses from having saved games from previous AC games? Answered 4
Anyone found a second secret area? Answered 1
Counter Steal? Answered 4
Couriers? Answered 3
Do cities ever run out of missions for your assassin recruits? Answered 1
Do you think that I should play the first series of the game ? Answered 3
Faction abilities? Answered 3
How can i stop the hook and run tutorial? Answered 1
How do i sell objects to merchants ? :/ Answered 1
How do u get the ottoman doctor and the knight in multi? Answered 1
How do you kill someone with a thrown weapon? Answered 1
Is the Armor of Brutus just a skin or is it real armor? Answered 2
Is the game meant to be glitchy? Answered 2
Is the signature edition purchasable without pre ordering? Answered 2
Is there a glitch with the thieves? Answered 3
Is this the last game of assassins creed? Answered 6
Issue with signature edition please help? Answered 2
Odd 'Target' marker? Answered 2
Prestige? Answered 1
Second Secret Area? Answered 1
Temple of solomon? Answered 1
Total number of assassins recruited bug? Answered 4
Training other assassin's? Answered 2
We have dyes ? Answered 2
What is does the bonus "+1 assassin slot(s) in the city" do? Answered 1
What is the best way to do the den defenses? Answered 6
What is the significance of the voices in story mode? Answered 1
What weapons can I get? Answered 1
Why can't I get credit for recruiting assassins? Answered 2
Why did I get this stuff? Answered 1
Will there be any co-op modes? Answered 1

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