Question from noah729

How do i start old world blues?

I have downloaded this dlc many times and i dont get any notification or quest or anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The_byro answered:

I had the same problem with Honest Hearts, what i had to do was call xbox help and they walked me through a process that worked without a problem and they were very understanding and had a great attitude. the number is 1 800 4my xbox
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DrBink answered:

ok, FIRST if you have NOT downloaded it download it and once it gets done start Fallout : New Vegas and after a minute or so a dialouge box will pop up and will give information about it then the activation marker is at " Mojave Drive-In" and i was right infront of this allien ship/device that was projecting something then i went in front of it and hit said something like " activate Old World Blues" and there you go.
Hope that helps.
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reason answered:

Once the DLC is installed you will get a prompt from the game telling you you have received a transmission from the Mojave Drive-In. Head there and "wait" til midnight when the "midnight showing" is going on. Once you see the movie playing on the screen, you'll see a robot in the middle of the parking lot. Talk to him.
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pa2mey answered:

Make sure you have old world blues downloaded and go to memory settings and clear system cache . Then install the latest patch and it should work.
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Madcask answered:

I had the same thing happen to 2 expansion from New Vegas,... I dont have a constaint connection to XLive, I only have one modem, so once and a while I connect my xbox to it and download stuff...For the expansions, They never activated in the game...So I reconnected to XLive and Started myFallout. Befor the game started, I got a message about an update for this game, so I downloaded it....and THATS when the expasions activated...Maybe downloading the expansions alone, will not actualy install them (Maybe) You need to Play the game while still connected, once you see the expansions are activated save and dissconect...It WORKED for me !!!
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bizzyswhitetwin answered:

The quest should give you a notification saying that there is a midnight showing at Mojave Drive-in. You can find said place south if Nipton and you will find a eye moving in the screen if it is between 10:00pm and 2:00 am. Just across from the screen you'll see a satellite. Then it gives you the guidelines to the storyline and in the options it will say "Walk away" and "Start O.W.B." and then it goes uphill from there. I would recommend being at level 15+ and installing the "Gun Runner's Arsenal" DLC so you can get some powerful weapons before-hand.
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