• Achievements

    A New King is CrownedUnlock access to World 7 in campaign mode25
    Aspiring HeroUnlock access to World 3 in campaign mode5
    Diamond necklaceGet 5 diamond helmets in campaign mode15
    Hero on the RiseUnlock access to World 5 in campaign mode10
    Mini copperGet all copper helmets in campaign mode30
    Simply RotasticDo the Rotastic trick5
    The ButcherKill 10 enemies in a row without losing a life during a multiplayer game20
    The Hero's DebutComplete 5 levels in campaign mode5
    The JewelerCollect 5,000 jewels10
    The NinjaKill 3 enemies in 4 seconds in a multiplayer game10
    The SocialitePlay 20 multiplayer games15
    This is No Lifestic!Get all gold helmets in campaign mode50

    Contributed By: Guard Master.