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Camp Loyalty?

How do I get my Camp Loyalty Rating to increase, i have 2 level 3 moves with AKA and it still has not gone up.

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venom47891 answered:

you have to wait until you actually join the camp, that will happen a little later in your career. When you start the career you can learn moves in any camp and level up any moves. After so many fights you have to pick a camp and stick with them. Once you do that you start getting loyalty to increase by 5 points for each time you learn or try to level something up.
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coeftw answered:

If you focus on the moves that say yes under technical points or something like that - it'll give you a little extra towards it but it does take awhile. I am only at 50% loyalty and I already fought 32 fights so far so it seems to get 100% might be towards the end of your career.

You do eventually unlock a camp logo for your sponsor, equipping that will move you up a little faster but nothing crazy.
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Akrazert answered:

After fifteen fights you can choose a camp to join after your part of a camp you get five points of loyalty for every activity you do with the the camp ie. learning new moves or leveling old ones up.
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