Speed Walkthrough by SolidSam

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 MMMM'`````''MM``````= MM`````````` MMM`````````` MMMM ''''''''' MMMM
 MMMM'```````MM``````= MM````MM''`` MMM````MM..`` MMMM'''MMMM''' MMMM
 MMMM````````MM``''``= MM````MM''`` MMM````MM^^`` 'MM '''MMMM''' MMMM
 MMMM'```''``MM``''``= MM````MM''`` MMM````MM^^`` 'MM '''MMMM''' MMMM
 MMMM````''``MM``''``= MM````MM'''' MMM````'MMM''''MM '''MMMM''' MMMM
 MMMM````M#``''``MM``= MM````MM     ''MMM^^````MMMMMMMMMME*'''MMMMMMM
 MMMM'```MM``''``MM'`= MM````A3````MMMMMMMM``````MMMMMMMM'''' MMMMMMM
 MMMM````MM``''``MM``= MM````MM''` MMMM````MM````NVMMMMH'''  MMMMMMMM
 MMMM'```MM``..``MM``= MM````MM''` MMMM````MM````  MMMM'''' MMMMMMMMM
 MMMM````MM``````MM``= MM````MM''` MMMM````MM^^``  MMMM'''' MMMMMMMMM
 MMMM'```MM``````MM``= MM````MM''` MMMM````MM..``  MMM''''' MMMMMMMMM
 MMMM````MMM```'MMM``= MM``````````MMMM``````````RgMM''''''''''''MMMM
 MMMM;;'`MMM    MMM``= MMMM``````'''MMMMM``````oiMMMM''''''''''''MMMM


             >>>>>                                  <<<<<
        >>>>>>>>> S P E E D    W A L K T H R O U G H <<<<<<<<<
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/Speed Walkthrough/FAQ for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
/Sony Playstation 2
/By SolidSam
/Hosted @ Gamefaqs.com

|\  HISTORY    /|

V. 0.4 - Started Jan 14th 2002 - I added the basic part of the FAQ, i started
the Tanker chapter and completed
V. 0.5 - Started Jan 15th 2002 - Finished the Tanker chapter. Added charcter
info. Added internet ranking guide. Added DARK SECRETS section.
V. 0.7 - Started Jan 16th 2002 - After accidentally sending this FAQ twice in,
I finally remembered to put the heading in. Started through Plant Chapter, went
well through it.
V. 0.9 - Started Jan 17th 2002 - Fixed up some things, deleted the stuff that
wasn't needed.
V. 1.0 - BIG Update. Started Jan 22nd - I got to fix up a few stuff. I
completed the 'BOSSES' section (So many things for each boss is a sure win
^_^). Some items that people couldn't find even though answered many times in
the message boards are also listed.
I made an Expansion Pack in the Dark secrets FAQ which would be the best thing
to read if you're interested in the Dark Secrets section.
However I will only paste a bit of the things from there into here.
It's 30th Jan. and I think I have finished the update (phew!).
STILL, it's not complete! I added some info on some chosen characters by me,
there is a lot more in my Dark Secrets FAQ.
Metal Gear Rays have been explained by me for the Extreme mode section
(PHEW!!!!!!!!) and now there is Solidus. He's not as hard, but with no Rations
I think I'll next to update it in a month or more!


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This FAQ can be found only at "Http://www.Gamefaqs.com"

This "Speed Walkthrough" FAQ was made for the Action Game 'Metal Gear Solid 2:
Sons of Liberty' for the Sony Playstation 2 (Ps2).

This FAQ was made single handed, so no extra credit will be taken to any
contributors, as there are NONE.
This FAQ was not made to be big in size. Basically, simple, neat and
straight-forward work is presented to get the job done.
I permit printing of this FAQ, but no copying. Don't bother asking me to copy
this FAQ for your or someone else's work, as this isn't a Financial product.

"@Copyright 2001,2002" - This sign signifies my Copyright for this FAQ.

\  Introduction    /
/                  \
Firstly, a basic question all might ask. 'What is different about this FAQ from
the many others?'. Well, this FAQ's main section, the WALKTHROUGH was made so
players could complete the game fully in little time. However, I will explain
some details as I go along.

Text, Cutscenes will all be summarized very briefly. The WALKTHROUGH is the
main section, also, Misc. sections are added AFTER the walkthrough.
My main goal: People to gain Easy Access to the Walkthrough. People who would
like to go further into the game can read ahead.

*Please note: This FAQ was not made for Metal Gear Solid 2 starters, please
check out other Faqs people have written for specific
details/cutscenes/storyline etc.

|                |
+    Index       +
|                |

1. Faq Info

2.*Speed Walkthrough - Normal Mode* --
The walkthrough is seperated by Missions. "-" is a Chapter, "=" is a Mission


 - Tanker -
   =Locate Metal Gear Ray
   =Proove production of MG-Ray

   =Defuse the bombs
   =Rescue the president
   =Rescue Emma
   =Defeat Solidus and his men
3. Ranking
4. Bosses
5. Items
6. Future
7. Character Summary

8. Dark Secrets (Preview)
            - Check out my FAQ on this for myore info
   *Colonel and Rose....Raiden's creations?
   *Liquid Snake, back...and he has a lot to say
   *Metal Gear, not the creator, but the created
   *The Patriots....who are they?
   *Olga, more than just a soldier
   *Ames, he didn't say enough
   *Raiden the carrier boy
   *The Big Shell, it was going to go BOOM! for a reason

9. All Dog tags - gifts
10. Contacts
11. Credit/Thanks
[               ]
 \ - FAQ INFO - \

- Please check out the Index (just above) for Section Locations.
- Contacts will be listed below
- The FAQ contains a Speed Walkthough. After that are Alternate things to check
- This Speed Walkthrough was written for the ' NORMAL ' Dfficulty. Very Easy
and Easy modes are 'Speed versions' of the game anyway. After completion, an
EXTREME MODE speed walkthrough will be posted with a big update. The game was
played and written without using any Secret Items. Updates will occur
eventually as EXTREME MODE completion is near impossible without use of secret
- No DOG TAGS will be described in this walkthrough.
- This FAQ may contain the journals from within the game aswell as Dark
spoilers, anything as serious as that is by permission.
-The Walkthrough will not outline ammo and items, as speed is the main


- Tanker -

MISSION: Infiltrate the Tanker and provide evidence of production of a new
prototype codenamed METAL GEAR RAY.
*A CAMERA has been issued into your ITEMS* section to provide this evidence.

You will start off as SolidSnake.

* Cutscenes show that Russians have invaded the Ship, you are not alone.

=Locate Metal Gear Ray=

-Equip your M9 tranq. gun and head Left. Keep low profile and head along the
edge of the ship. Head Northwest along the side. A guard will be standing along
the door. Shoot him and turn the Valve to open the door.
(You can also take the right area and go through the door there, if you do,
it's a  lot quicker but less counting on I think, if you do then continue at
the point with the ***)

-Head east and south. Ignore the upper room and continue east in the Crew's

***A guard will be narrowing he path up and down, shoot from afar go through
the door in the northeast into the Lounge.

-Face West and Crawl, head shoot the two guards to put them to sleep. Head up
the stairs and go through the door on the right.

-Head North and kill the guard when he walks the opposite way. Head through his
guarded corridor and then left from a conjunction. Head into the left room and
up the stairs.

-Press 'X' to skip the cutscene and as you near the camera, tuck into the wall
and slide across to prevent getting spotted. Continue right and up the stairs
you see.

-Head towards the screen (up, left, down) and enter the door on the left. Go
through and tranq. the guard. Walk around and keep south to avoid the camera.
At the right time, head up the stairs when the south guard is not looking.

*A cutscene will show a different Russian unit infiltrate the ship. Then
SolidSnake will notice someone in the distance to the West*

-Open the door and enter the Battlefield.

Tactic: Confuse her

Ammo will appear in the bottom right corner and in the center/north middle for
the M9. The trick to beating her quickly is to wait for her to come up close,
while he hides to reload or take cover, switch to the opposite side. Aim
carefully and quickly for her head or chest. Press L1 sometimes to auto aim on
her in fast situations.

When she blows the covers all over, look at the top of the screen to see where
she is or look carefully frm where her shots appear from. Shoot in that
direction. DO NOT shoot her legs, it does minimal damage and will take a lot
longer to win. When she shoots the headlight to blind you, randomly shoot
bullets there to shoot the light out.
The battle will be over shortly.
*About 5-7 good shots will Knock her out.


-You will obatin the USP handgun from Olga (No BULLETS). *If you want, shake
her for her Dogtag*

-Head Right all the way and a guard will open the door to secure the area. He
doesn't look your way, so Tranq. him.

-Head through he came from in. Grab the USP bullets but don't select the weapon
(Too LOUD). Head south down the stairs.

-Head left missing the camera, Tranq. the watchful guard. Head into the EAST
door up the top and down the stairs.

-Shoot the NEW patrolling guard quickly. Slide across the wall to avoid the
camera. Head down the stairs. Head through the door and take the north route,
tranq. the guard and head to the other side using the corridor. head south and
enter the door midway on the left into the Lounge.

-Head down the stairs and to the right. Don't head south, you will only be
backtracking, head to the stairs a little bit north and down them. Go through
the door to enter the engine room.

-Head north, ignore the TOY shadow of Vulcan Raven. Go through the door and
combo the guard to knock him off, landing on another guard way below, killing
them both. Hang off the ledge and drop down, becareful of the guard. head down
the stairs and across the path to the other side. Head across the platform and
south. turn left and up the stairs, kill the guard patrolling the narrow path
at the top. Once again, use the platform to cross to the other side a bit
north. Now head left and up the stairs. Kill the guard and go through the door.

-As you head north, a talking guard will appear directly south of you. Just
tranq. him. Now north west. Aproach the sensors and you'll get a call. Just
skip it. Jump onto the Metal object and press R2+L2 to stretch up, using the
USP shoot the green light (control unit). Now head pass 1 dead sensor, on the
Right on the floor is another control unit, shoot it. Then proceed, on the left
you can see a bit of a unit onto of the bombs, destroy it and open the door
direclty infront of you.

-Head north through the long narrow passage until you reach a guard. Tranq. him
from a safe distance and head to the other end. At the corner, tranq. the Radio
listening guard and proceed east. There will be a sleeping occasionaly guard
with a status report, tranq. him and quickly open the door at the far end.

-Head right then south and eventually you will come to a Cutscene which will
engage in battle. Use the USP and pick the guards off from the crates. South of
you is two packets of Ammo and a Ration that will appear when you get low on

-After that you will automatically head through the door and a scene with
OCELOT shooting a guard at point blank range will be shown. You are now in the
holds, guards surround the area.

-To do this quickly, head down the series of ladders until you get to the
bottom. Head across to the left and crawl under the projector. Carefully move
around the guard watching the east in the tight area and head north to the

-In this area, head left and press the button to change the projector, then
crawl under. Switch the button to make the guards face the opposite way if you
have trouble. Head to the right and then north, Roll over the steel areas and
you won't make any sound and not have to walk. Head around the objects and into
the door.

=Prove production of MG-Ray=

-In this room you will see Metal Gear Ray, the commandant (Fortune's Husband).
As soon as you get control, don't move. Select the CAMERA from your Items and
aim at the crotch of the Metal Gear Ray, take the photo and a little chime is
heard for confirmation. Head to the south in the middle on the room and on the
floor is a thick back line, stand on it and aim at the Ray and take the photo.
Now head over to the other side approximately the same area and angle, then
take the photo as a whole to hear the chime. Now head north (avoiding the
guards listening) and there will be a MARINES word on Ray, zoom on it and take
the photo.
Now return to where you started and on the left is a computer, press The Action
button to activate it.

*Cutscenes show you giving the pictures to Otacon through the network. The
Tanker is destroyed and flooded by the Metal Gear Ray by OCELOT who has been
overtaken by Liquid Snake's arm*

**||**  |***|  |\  |   |  /  |***   ****
  ||    |   |  | \ |   |-/   |__    |   \
  ++    +++++  +  ++   + +   |      +++++
  ++    +   +  +   +   +  +  +++++  +    +        : COMPLETED :

- Plant -
MISSION:1.Infiltrate the Big Shell and rescue the president.
2. Destroy any enemies that might get in the way, defuse bombs located within.

* You will start off as Raiden.

-Head through the north door.

-Skip the cutscene and head north to the NODE. Just put in anything and exit.
Enemies will regain some energy and start to get up, head south quickly and
When both are up, knock the one out on the left with a combo using the punch
button and head north into the elevator.

-Upon arrival, head west and crawl under the fence. Go through the south door

-Head down the stairs. After the short cutscene, head east and then north
whilst dodgng the guard, head up to the door on the right.

-Head through the connection bridge and go through the door.

-Head east all the way and through the only open door as soon as you get in.
Grab the M9. and head back to STRUT A using the FA connection bridge you were
just on.

-This time head to the door on the left side.

-While on the AB connection bridge there'll be two guards on both sides. Tranq.
them with the M9. Head around and then continue through the door at the other

-While in STRUT B go a few steps forward and there'll be a good yet long
cutscene. Skip the cutscenes and you'll be with Pliskin.

-You will now have the Socom, continue north through the door. Then through the
next door you see.

-There will be a scene with Fortune. Skip it and head north missing the broken
connecting bridge. Head through the door into STRUT C.

-Head around the plants and head north, then right at the corner. There will be
a long cutscene with Peter Stillman, a master in explosives.


-After that you will have sensor A. Head back south and to the door you came in
fom when you first enetered. Head right into the toilets. Look at the mirror
and face diagonally UP. Select the Coolant and start spraying the C4 bomb.

-After it's frozen head out, then north and right at the corner. keep going
then morth at the next corner. Head through the door to the CD connection

-Tranq. the guard from afar and follow the path to the other side and go
Miss the camera and quickly go in,

-While in strut D, head north down the short steps. Keep going and tranq. the
guard. Head down the further stairs you see. Tranq. the guard you see walking
on your right while in first person mode and head to that area. Open up the
black closer thing (the one in the yellow area on your radar). Spray it with
the coolant till it dies out.
Head to the other side and through the door to DE connection bridge.

-As you go outside. Head up the stairs. From where you are, Aim carefully at
the guard up the top across from you. Tranq. him. Then a second guard will come
up from the stairs on the other side, put him to sleep and go through the door
on the other side.

-While in strut E, head south and tranq. the guard on your right. Quickly keep
headng East and up the stairs, go through the door.

-Head south and up the short stairs. Skip the cutscene with Olga. You will be
on the stairs so head north. Tranq. the passing guard. Head directly north to
the Jet. Crawl under and spray the c4 to defuse it. Head back south, down the
stairs and through the east door.

-Head back down the stairs and continue south. Go through the door to the
connection bridge.

-Skip the call from Mr.X , crawl to the other side while collecting Claymores
on your way. Continue south and through the door.

-Head left and face south, Tranq. the guard. Now take the East Path (EAST using
the First persom mode while shooting the guard). Head to the midway ledge on
the side, tranq. the passing guard and he realises somebody is there.
Flip over on the side and drop down. Spray the C4.
Head back up the stairs on the far right (tranq. the guard) and then left.
Continue south while up the top and through the door.

-Skip the call fom Rose. Throw a chaff grenade if you have quickly as a Cypher
is there. Or just use your socom to blow it.
Head across the bridge and through the door.

-Once back here. Miss the guar on your left, continue south and on the east
side open the door to the Pump Room. Head east around and up the stairs you
first see. Head under the pipes until you get to a Red pipe. Head south through
it and defuse the bomb.

-Now head to the West door to the AB connection bridge. Tranq. a guard and take
his route to the other side, open the door.

-Head to the corner in here. Now tranq. the guard. Go through the door and
tranq. the coming guard. Head north all the way, close the door with some
mechanical object inside, now difuse the revealed bomb.

-Skip the scene, now head through the north door. Go through the BC connection
bridge and beat the cypher to the other side.

-Go through the door. Now head back to where stillman was. Grab sensor B.
Head back from where you first entered this Strut from. You will have noticed
your 400 seconds is your limit. Head through the connection bridge, while 
avoiding conflict.

-Head through te south door. Now keep going south through the sleeping guard
from previously and then right at the corner, through the door.

-Head south through the bridge, and again, tranq. a guard and take his route
around. Now through the door. Head up the stairs on the west and through the

-Go through the newly opened door and down the elevator. Stillman wil call
about falling into the trap and he explodes with the bomb. Once down there head
into the bottom left door. Go through into the water room.

-Head down the short steps and around to the left. When you get to the mini
oceam explorer object, crawl. Look under it, spray the bomb.

=Bombs defused, Mission Complete=

-Now head back north and back to that elevator room for a confrontation with

Tactic: Use protection from her cannon

This battle is easy. All she will do is blast you. First move out of your area
as a fire starts there. Head north and hide under the crates closest to her
until all gone.

Now head to the one on the right until all gone. Keep moveing around. There
will be one more left on the far left side to use as safety. Don't let her
shoot the barrels as the explosion hurts.

If you manage to use ALL safety and they all get blown, use your raiden flip
from side to side. The battle will end from a call from colonel.


-You have 400 seconds. Once the elator stops, head east and through the door.
head down the stairs and tranq. the guard. head through the northeast door. Run
along the connection bridge and through the other side door. Tranq. the guard
and head around the north area to the north at the north side.

Head straight north and through the door. Once in the parcel strut. Head north
on the east side and take a right. Up the stairs and through the door. Now head
west and up the stairs to the heliport. Defuse the bomb that's on timer in the
center of the battlefield.

Tactic: Follow him, use socom

This battle is pretty hard, yet nt that impossible. As the battle starts difuse
his bombs that he first plants using the sensor and coolant.

Now equip your socom and chase him. Shoot him quickly and fast to knowck him.
Equip the m9 or socom and shoot his head.
Repeat this process while defuseing bombs and chaseing him. After some shots,
he will die. Just don't forget to defuse his bombs.
By the way, when he talks straight after getting up from the floor, use the
socom AGAIN to put him down and shoot his head. This earns extra hits.

-Afet he is dead, skip the cutscene. Drag his body somewhere and diffuse the
bomb he was under.


=Mission: Get to the Hostages =
  *Get an AKS-74u

-keep heading south and Mr. X will confront you. After getting various items,
head through the east door.

-head down the stairs and through teh south door. Go through the connection
bridge to the other side.

-Go to the corner junction and face the guarsd, strafe right to get the other
side guard, and tranq. the one infront of you. Head to the other side on the
left and go through Lv.2 door. Destroy the semtex and grab the M4 machine gun.

Now drop down from the ledge, tranq. the guard. Head into the north Lv.2 door.
Run around grabbing the Aks-74u and ammo. One done, head up the stairs and
north to connection bridge,

-Head north and midway turn left and go through while missing the flapping
platform edges. Equip your Aks-74u and and uniform. Head through the door into
Shell 1.

-Dodge the guards (dont do anything except move away from them) and cameras,
you can't get sensed. Head to the north elevator and press TRIANGLE for the
camera to look at you and check you

-Head to B2. Go to the side and into the main computer room from the south
side. Grab the D.mic. Now head back to the elevator.

-Head to B1. grab a guard without the others seeing and drag him to the sensor
to input his eye pattern. Once in, and after the cutscene, look for a man with
brown hair tied back and point the mic at him, then press TRIANGLE. This is

-After the cutscenes, equip your Aks-47u  before Ocelot sees you.

=Rescuse the President=

-After more cutscenes, kill the guard and go through the elevator. Head to 1st
floor and back to the connection bridge.

-Head south into the warehouse. In the bottom Left hand Door on thetop level is
an M4. The door north of it contains the RGBG6 (grenade launher). The door East
of The M4 room is a PSg1 with 2 packs of 20 bullets. Grab them all.

-head back through the north and head north through the connection bridge to
Strut E (ther's a guard up the top).

-Once inside head to the Northwest door (upper left) and go through. GO through
the connection bridge into STRUT D. Now head to the northern door and go

-Now you must destroy the semtex Control units. For NORMAL mode, here is where
they all are I'll guide you.

*First equip your sniper fom where you are (get the drugs if u want for
*Directly ahead of near the door is C.U (control unit), shoot it.
*Now look on the other side and shoot the C.U
*Face a little down and shoot the semtex on that big pipe thing.
*Now face to your left and aim for the flag, from the center of the flag shoot
in a straight line up and down, you will get the semtex unit.
*Now look in the upper right corner of the lower platform, aim at the control
unit and shoot
*Unequip the sniper and move to the other side (on the right), look for the
birds and press O to zoom up, the control unit is hidden by the birds, shoot
*Now turn around and shoot the Unit directly above of you on the wall.
*Now look near the stairs (where the red line sensors are) and shoot the two
units there after each other.
*Look in the sky and press O too zoom up on the flying Cypher, use some
Pentazemin to make sure you have good stability to get it.

-Now the Sensors should be gone, proceed......

-After the call fom Pliskin you'll have to fight the Harrier (with Solidus

Tactic: Run around and blast it to bits using the stinger

This should'nt be very hard at all. At first, grab the stinger that Pliskin
just threw. Now look for the Harrier on your map and aim (when the box gets
red). Continue this until health is eventually going low on the Harrier.

Eventually the Harrier will launch mulitple missles at you (Solidus will say
DIE!!)Head downstairs and hide to make sure you don't lose health.
He will once or twice launch a big missle that just BLOWS everything up,
becareful of this.

When you get low on Stinger Missles, Pliskin feeds you more. Jst keep shooting
it with the stinger and eventually it'll die out.

-After the cutscene use the edge to hang on and shimmy across to land on the
pipe. Head north (walking) and walk up. Go acorss the platform while running so
you don't fall. Hang down and land on the platform.

-Tranq. the guards that appear and Raiden Flip over the first gap. Then hang
and simmy across the second gap. Go up the ladder.

-You are on the STRUT L perimeter head across it while missing the guards, use
a Chaff grenade to make the cypher wacko. Lean against the wall and walk
across, then crouch and do it to get under the object sticking out. Continue
around and drop down on the platform.

-Walk across and go up the stairs. Use a chaff to disarm the cyphers. Quickly
raiden flip over the gap to get down. Now shimmy across the gap using the edge.
Destory or confuse the cyphers and go through the door.

-After the cutscene head west, down and up the stairs. Head north past the node
and into the elevator. Go to B1.

-Once down, head downstairs into the water. Swim directly straight all the way,
the NIKITA is at the end. Grab it and headback useing the elevator.

-Once on the original floor, head left then south. Turn right at the door. Take
care of the cameras. Stand on the box and use the nikita, shoot the  missle
through the gap. Follow the short path, dodge the president and aim the missle
at the generator object.

-Head out, south and past the area of te stairs. Now head north and turn left,
through the door.

=President - Dead=

-After the cutscenes, head back to the elevator and back to the water. I will
guide you through fully now.

=Rescue Emma=

*Get in the water and head down the stairs

*Turn right where the light blue air space is
*Go straight and refill air
*Swim South and then turn left at the first turn.
*Now swim on and turn right
*Keep going, turn left, then turn right
*Head straight dodging the water bombs and refill air
*Open the door and go in
*Turn left then right, then swim up and over the debree.
*Then turn right and refill your air, you will now have the PSG1-T.
*Swim over the dberee, open the door and refill air.
*Go under water and turn right and swim up the stairs.

-Now walk into the room using the door.....

Tactic: Dodge his knives

I can explain this in a long way...or in a short way. The short way is much
simpler, but people still might not get it, but here goes:

1. As soon as your start, select your stinger.
2. Press R1 and shoot. Shoot him continuosly. When he moves a bit, follow his
3. When he moves , keep track on him. This is the stinger cheat. It doesn't
always work though.

Try this if it doesn't work:

1. Select the RGBG6 and use it first.
Now continue using the grenade launcher as it's not that bad. Sometimes switch
to the M4 when he gets out of reach, like on top and walks towards you.

Dodge his knives and watch out for the orange spark which freezes your body.
Don't fall in the water, otherwise instant gameover.
Use the RGBG first, then switch to M4. It's the easiest way. When he throws his
knives, shoot them and they'll just drop.
Becareful though, there is an attack here he knocks you back, I almost fell in,
I was hanging by the edge.
Eventually he will fall.

-Head north through the door and in the water

*Turn right through the underwater door
*Turn right again and turn LEFT the first chance you get
*Swim up the stairs

-Now go through the door and open the locker in the middle to find Emma (E.E).

-Now you must guide emma back:

*Go into the water
*Turn right at your first turn
*Turn right again and head up the stairs

-Take emma to the Filter Chamber 2. After the scenes head across the room to
the next water area.

*Swim down, turn left, and then through the upper left depree, then get some
*Swim across and then through the gap, then through the small hallway opening
*Swim straight through the gaps, then through the door, get some air
*Swim Straight through the door, turn left, then turn right
*Turn left, go straight, then turn right and refill air.
*Turn right all the way, ten at the end turn left and up the stairs.

-Knock emma out and take her into the elevator. Go to the next level.

-Tranq. the guard and carry out emma ......then tranq. the next guard in the
gap. take her to the stairs and tranq. the guard. The final guard will appear
near the exit, take care of him. Take emma outside.

-Walk across the platform. Put out the fire useing the coolant at south point,
then go through the door.

-Head south without emma and take care of the two guards, take emma through the
door at south where you'll head down the ladder.

-You will now need to guide emma through...

Equip the Therm goggles and sniper, take out the claymore mines and enemies as
she goes along. This will take a short while. After this you will fight VAMP
again who takes Emma hostage.

This is too easy. Select the sniper, use O to zoom on him.

Aim for his head, and after a few shots he'll fall into the ocean. Becareful
not to shoot emma and she has less health and loses health gradually from vamp.

-After this, head out and head straight to the computer room.
You will automatically get into the elevator and go to the floor.

-After the long cutscenes, you will be with solidus in a tortue chamber.
Press TRIANGLE so you don't choke to death.

-You are now naked go through the door and head out.

-There are guards here so becareful. Head north while dogging the guards, then
up the stairs on the left.

-Take the platform to the right and you'll be on the other side, go through the

-Walk up while listening to stupid calls until you get to one from Rose, your
gear will be back from Snake shortly after.

-Go with snake north and take care of the battle. Kill all eemies, when you
reach the other side continue in.

-There will be another scene, take care of ALL enemies and ignore silly false
DEATH signs and stuff.

-After the cutscene you will be up on arsenal gear.

-After the long talk you will face Metal Gear Rays:

Tactic: Shoot their legs, then quickly shoot their heads

This battle could be long. The rays will continually come up and attack you.
There will be three at a time.
There will be ammo provided if you get low, as well as rations (one at a time).

Don't stay near the Rays, they can cause heavy damage.
If you try and attack from close, they'll either stomp you (the one in the
center) or use the blue deadly laser.

Watch out for the missles they launch, as they come down raiden flip in one
straight direction.
Always have your rations equipped as they can do multiple damage.

As the machine gun comes, raiden flip OVER it to avoid and get a free shot into
the Ray.

When the blue missles come out, QUICKLY switch out of stinger view and raiden
flip to make them miss.

You will fight about 6 or 7 Metal gear Rays.

When your rations stop coming from the center, this means they're almost out.
The best way to deal damage to the center one is to Shoot it's leg, then
quickly shoot it's head. Do this about 3 or 4 times and you'll kill it, this
does mega damage.

-After this there will be a scene, you must resist the chokeing from Solidus,
this is much harder now.

Tactic: Slice and Dice

This is, the last boss.....against......DAD!

This battle is pretty tough, yet you can manage through it. Use your HF. blade
against him..well...it's the only weapon you have.

His tentacles can be a problem at first......bu soon enough he'll lose them.
Do not rush in and attack, strike and restreat.

Stay out of his path, his Fire charge leaves you toast. The fire can be problem
with him, as sometimes you must run aroun it to get a trike. When he does
multiple Fire charges, then stand still and move slowly till it clears.

Becareful not to fall off, just keep striking. Eventually he'll fall.

****  *     *****  **  * *****
|___| |     |____| | \ |   |
+     +     +    + +  ++   +
+     ++++  +    + +   +   +   ::: COMPLETED :::

Metal Gear Solid: To be continued...

[               ]
 \   Ranking    \

Upon completion of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, you will recieve a
ranking which you can input at konami's website.
It doesn't matter which route you chose after you completed the game.

Tanker - Plant

Either way, you will recieve the ranking after the game. (wait for the credits
if you completed Tanker-Plant or plant).

Go to konami's website:

Enter the code leaveing your ID and password. If the email is right (your
email), your ID and password will be sent to you. Input it all at the website
to check out how you went.

If you have all 361 DOG TAGS, then go here:
enter the code you got and you'll have access to different things.

Don't give out your code for ALL DOG TAGS, not to your friend, not anyone!
Trust me, it's not worth it. Working for so long trying to get all 361 dog tags
has finally payed off, and giveing the code away will just ruin it.

[               ]
 \ - Bosses -   \

This is not part of the walkthrough. However this was started earlier than the
completion of the Speed Walkthrough.

This section was designed so people could use theories to defeat bosses, after
near mastering them, they can follow the guide easily and not get caught up
behind during the game.


/\== TANKER ==/\


Health Bar: 6/10
Difficulty: Very Hard

Tactic: Confuse her

Olga is the only boss SolidSnake will face when you control him. She is not
easy on Extreme mode, she is very hard. Your only weapon is the M9.
The effective areas are ranked here:
1. Head 5/5
2. Chest 3/5
3. Legs/arms 1/5

Her attacks are:
*USP handgun - Heavy damage caused if it connects to you. Extreme accuracy.
*Grenades - Unlimited grenades, it's because of these most people actually beat

I have played Olga a lot of times studying her moves, I have a complete guide
on how to defeat her.

Wait for Olga to approach the front, either behind the steel crate or the
locker. Wait for her shoot three times, now when she reloads or takes cover,
switch sides immediately and then carefully aim at her head to deliver maximum
damage. This is the best way to get her.

After the first strike, her talking will continue. She will repeat what she
just did. Remember to roll over while running as this saves you from getting
spotted by her.

After 2 or 3 shots, she will shoot the strings of the giant blanket cover. This
get's tricky. If you do not move around, she will toss grenades. Your Radar
will be very useful if you have it as the grenade part is the only time to get

Sometimes she will run around and head towards you and take cover somewhere.
Switch sides and strike her quick, as sometimes she quickly looks at you and
shoots you as you shoot her.

After she's almost knocked out, the light turn on. This is biggest challenge of
Olga. Being on EXTREME mode, you cannot shoot the light out. So after trying
over and over again here's what to do:
It's no use tring to strike her fom the far left as she kills you in two shots.
So instead, hide behind the crates on the left side, look carefully on your
radar. When it's yellow, watch it carefully. As soon as you here, YAR! and you
see the yellow has become dark on the radar, run up on the left side of the
locker but on the right side of the crate straight up to her as close as
possible. Aim quickly, as she throws her foot comes out, shoot her chest or
head if you are lucky very quickly. After that take quick cover.

This is the procedure you need to follow in order to defeat her at this stage.
Note: I designed that idea of hiding on the left of the locker because there is
NO light, it is hidden.

When her Life gets low she will start dragging her body heavily. This doesn't
mean her shots will be any weaker. She is still as dangerous as ever. The main
thing to look for is sometimes on the far left side, her shots get you even
when you think you are safe. Always be sure you are hiding PERFECTLY.

Don't go for the shot when she is running, as her sprays go widespread and do
the same damage. It took me a while at first, but I had no rations. When I did
end up beating her, my life hadn't lost anything anyway because I got too used
to her. Don't get angry when she nails you, just keep trying.

As in Metal Gear Solid 1, Stealth does not work on bosses. There is no use
trying it on her. Keep trying and the job will get done.



Upon defuseing the last C4 BOMB in the bottom of Strut A. You will have to face
Fortune at the elevator entrance.
The rankings on attacking her are:
1.Head Shot 0/5
2.Chest 0/5
3.Legs/Arms 0/5

Health Bar - 1/10
Difficulty - Normal - Hard
Tactic - Cartwheel is the key

Fortune may seem easy on other difficulties, but she is pretty hard. The
changes that occur in EXTREME mode is that firstly, her shots are way accurate
and they always fire two times quickly.

There are different items provided for protection against her big cannon. The
bets thing to do is to firstly, run up to her and cartwheel from side to side.
This will waist some time with her and will give you some extra hideing areas
in the future when you get low on health.

There is no use shooting at her with anything and no damage can be done from
the gizmo she has. She will eventually shoot the bars at the top of the screen
and they will fall down and sometimes tear apart trying to hit you.

Stay away fm the barrels, if her gun explodes one run quickly as the damage is
bad. There are two big metal crate packs. I suggest using the one on the right
first. Firstly crouch, this will make her aim for the  bottom where it's
weaker. Try to continue this as long as possible. Just remember, the protection
you have needs to be used effectively, as I don't think I can get through her
with protection available.

Sometimes smoke will appear on the floor and fire will rise, stay away from
there as you lose health occasionally from being burnt.

She destroys the crates and protection easily as she shoots quick, and two volt
charges at a time....this could be a problem. When you run out of protection,
it's hard to tell when she'll shoot. So run from each side to side, not in a
small area as her volts WILL get you. If you start to bleed i guess you're on a
strict DEATH range then. When the elevator comes down, the round is about 60%

Eventually you will recieve a call from Colonel and Fatman will be your next
target, a Cutscene ends the battle. This isn't an easy battle, so a few tries
are needed.

After heading to the top of Strut E and defuseing the last bomb, you will fight
Fatman, an explosive specialist.

Firstly, the hit rankings are:

1.Head 5/5
2.Chest 0/5
3.Legs/Arms 0/5

Health Bar 8/10
I cannot defeat Fatman without the wigs, I am still stuck on him without any
rations being used, no people killed, and no wigs being used, he is HARD!!

Anyway here's how to defeat.
Firstly there are 3 bombs you must diffuse to start off with. YOu get 10
seconds each bomb, and he has plenty more.

Firstly equip the Coolant and diffuse the bombs that he originally plants
A.S.A.P. After they are gone, you will have a bit of time to get him. You must
look around where he is at. His machine gun can get very annoying as this time
it never misses and it stops you.

While there are no bombs active, use the SOCOM to bring him down. You don't
have to shoot at a specific area, just shoot his body! You will here squishing
sounds, and after about 7+ shots he will tumble.

When he is dizzy quickly run up to him, using either M9. or SOCOM, lay a bullet
into his head from the front. It takes about 10 of these to put him to death.

He will get back to the bombs, it's way harder to get him twice like this as
soon as he gets up as he usually strikes you or takes off too fast on his

If you have Infinite Ammo Wig, use it for Socom and the battle will be a lot
easier....however I can't do it without the wig.

He plants about 5 bombs maximum. While you are diffusing the 2nd last or last
he will start shooting you and GET YOU, this really pisses a lot of people off.
I have no use for C4, but C4 mightbe useful for him. Claymore's aren't any use
at all, as you'll find yourself running into one eventually if you plant too

This battle is one of the harest of them all, but wait.....there's more!
Eventually he will go down likea ton of bricks (he probably weighs that much
with the suit anyway). After the cutscene drag his ody somewhere and diffuse
the last bomb which is where he died (you can't miss it =)

The harrier is met after destroying the control units for the Semtex.

The range of attacks on it are:
Head Shot: 5/5
Wing Shot: 5/5
Tail shot: Near impossible but 5/5

Health: 10/10
Difficult: Hard/Very Hard

It's effective no matter where you shoot it. You're going to need a lot of
stinger missles to take it down. Solidsnake will throw stinger missles
sometimes for you to collect and use using the Stinger.

By the way, the first thing to do in battle is grab the stinger. There is no
use going downstairs and the Roof is a limtation for shooting so stay above.
Sometimes the Harrier will fly out into the open way out, and then come zooming
in why fireing it's machine gun at you which almost always gets you.

Aim the Stinger at the position if flew in and when it comes in range fire a
stinger missle so it misses you for recovery.

Don't shoot Snake or Otacon as its useless, and it's get them a little angry at
you >:|

Also, be on the look out for it's Machine gun when it flies towards you. Look
for the Target and shoot at it with the stinger, are fireing quickly run down
stairs because the machine Gun in unblockable upstairs.

At one point near it's end, Solidus will scream, DIE! and the Harrier will
launch heaps of continuos missles at you. During this time you should run
around heavily and the destruction is massive. I dont think I have gone through
that attack without getting hit while staying above. So head down as the
missles come closer and the pipe provided at the front will block them off,
giving you extra hits.

Just keep fireing and dodging away. The stinger has improved in Metal Gear
Solid 2. It will always find it's target. So if the Harrier is moveing left
fast, shoot at it and the stinger will track it once it slows down.

The job will get done eventually. Even though the Harrier has lots of health,
the Stinger missles provided should be enough to tackle the thing.

Vamp is met after your first under water trip in the Filter Chamber.
Prepare for a very fustrating battle if you don't follow the steps!

The Range of attacks are done differenlty here:

Stinger 5/5  (not a lot of damage but maximum)

Socom 2.5/5
Aks 47u 2.5/5
M4A1 2.5/5

Health: 10/10

Under water
Stinger (just shoot the water) - He loses a VERY VERY TINY almost unseeable
amount of health and a bit of Knock Out health. You cannot shoot more than once
while he's under water with any exlosive.

His attacks (basic):
*Run around on the top ledges and throw single knives.
*Spin on the pipes and throw knives at you (about 3 or 4 which is slow).

As his health gets down......
His attacks (advanced):
*Run around on ground level (he is faster than you) and do a spining cut.
*Spin very fast on the top ledge and throw knives as super speed.
*Use his shadow orange knife to freeze you, then throw knoves (I have the
complete solution to this!).
*After shooting him at the north end he'll lean against the wall, then a few
seconds later cut his way into the water. This will knock you in if youget in
his way >:| !

Ok now. After playing so many times against Vamp I finally got to know what his
moves are.

At first Vamp will be very easy to put to shame with your stinger. The best
thing to do at first is to use your RGB grenade launcher to launch one shot at
him (Don't waste stinger missles!)

Now he will go into the water. As he swims, use First person mode to look into
the water. Now equipd your M4A1 or Aks 47u and lock onto him. Now this requires
timing, as his swims, continuosly lock onto him and start tp TAP the FIRE
button. THis guarentees bullets will get him. If you just hold the FIRE button
only the last few bullets will connect.

Master the underwater tapping move. When he jumpes straight out of the water,
keep watching in first person as he gets up. Now quickly shoot the stinger
before he gets a chance to throw his knives at you and then Unequip it and RUN!

You should be fudging his butt...until he only has 6/10 health left.

Now Vamp will start to get ROUGHER.
Vamp will now jump lamely out of the water giving you a free hit. He will more
often head up the top and throw fast knives. You will be entering his Advanced

Vamp will sart to use his Orange Knife which freezes your body.
However, it can be washed out soon enough by following this COMPLTETE METHOD.

As you are frozen keep watch on Vamp, do NOT let him get out of sight. He will
do this about 3 times...

Make sure you are standing, as he throws his knives of death, bop down so they
fly straight past you.
You should keep watching him and mastering this.

Now when he is 2/10 health left...he will get NASTY  >:|

This is the most fustrating area to EVERYONE. Even if you have 2 Rations
left...h is still capable of wooping you as hard as possile!

He will not go into the water until you get him now! :'|
Still.....you have to keep track on him.
he will use his ORANGE KNIFE every single time! This will get annoying. You
should keep running. As soon as throws the knife and it misses, equip your
stinger and BAM! him As Quickly As Possible!

If he gets you with the Orange Shadow knife then you must follow strict rules.
Always stand, when you hear a SILK-CUTTING sound he will be throwing his
knives, so quickly BOP.
Do not crouch too early otherwise he'll get you and the damage he does is
really painful >:|

This is a very bad part as many people lose here at this point if they do it
wrong. Just make sure to him in the water whenever you can!
The Machine guns are useless here, unless in water. Keeping tapping the fire
button to get him while he is under water to cause some damage!!

EVENTUALLY, and I do mean EVENTUALLY, while he's exploding you'll be all tires
and out of fustration.....phew!

BOSS 5: VAMP again
Ok I won't go into detail here because he's just too easy!
His health is about 3.5/10
His attacks are chokeing emma...sound simple enough?

Ok....thank god this is not an actual close encounter fight!
Actually, you can take him out in a few seconds.

Firstly use some Pentazamin and zoom using CIRCLE using the PSG1 nto him.
Now just aim at him and tap the Fire button (SQUARE. This could be very easy if
you just keep tapping! The damage caused will damage him more.
No thanks to Snake, the battle will be over and Vamp's bullet to the head (your
last shot :) will send him flying into the sea.

If you like, tape this on video and put it on slow motion while you play some
titanic music when the ship starts to sink.

Extreme modes' Rays are just the ULTIMATE thing to battle!

Health 10/10 x 15 to 20 RAYS

Head damage 3/10
Body 3/10
Legs - Lowers defense - 0/10


The key to this battle is to take out two at the beginning. I think this battle
is one of the hardest ever.

Ok so you now that their numbers aren't small.

Firstly equip your Stinger and get a Pillow ready to punch it because you're in
for quite some hits.

The Rays take you out in two shots at full health. No more no less.

AT first, leg shoot the first RAY straight infront of you. Then Head shoot him
to do some kick-ass damage (You'd be so much better if you us this method as
about 6 head shots equal one of these).

The best thing to do after your first attack is aim for the left or right. Do
NOT aim for both of them. If you get them both, then you'll have to deal more
So once they are hit, they'll start to get angry.
While you run around, keep leg shooting then head shooting the Rays.

Only aim for the first ones you first targetted with. if you leave the one you
didn't attack, he'll then just use one missile launch or something. If he
starts to do it continuosly, give him a head shot, nothing else.

Once the first two are taken out they'll start to move in. THis is where it
gets serious. You have to keep your cool and follow the same strategy.
When you keep attacking the one RAY that has jumped directly infront of you,
keep uneqipping the Stinger and moveing to another location (not that far).
if you see two missles launching at you from the RAY directly infront of yu,
then TAP R2 and Raiden Flip and best as you can to make the Missiles Sway you.
The heavy duty steps the Metal Gear Ray's cause are unbelieveable so do NOT get
close to them.
because it's on EXTREME, so is their behaviour.

I seriously think that no-one will ever get this right the first time on
EXTREME because it's just THAT HARD.
The time is reallly annoying to because their are just SO MANY RAYS!
This is a really fustrating time in Metal Gear Solid. As soon as you get to
about 3 Stinger Missiles then grab more.
Keep searching for the right spots to get the best direct hits.
Don't travel mid-close either, that Blue Laser of theirs is really dangeous as
The machine gun is not that much of a threat, but it still does EXTREME damage.
Actually, because I spent like 30 continues on this, at the end, I had mastered
the RAYS so much I didn't get hit, ONCE!
If you don't believe me then pratice on Hard Mode, the same thing happened
there with me. They just got so predictable yet still had to defeat.

All I can say to finish this up is DON'T PUNCH THAT PILLOW TOO HARD, EVENTUALLY



Ok here's what to do, you can fudge the explaining for Vamp!

Firstly, Vamp is a supernatural freak. You should make sure that you understand
what power he contains.
[               ]
 \ - Items -    \


*Thermal Goggles
This is located at the top of the watch tower after defeating olga. Head up the
stairs to your right, climb up the ladder and grab it. On the tanker, it is
helpful for seeing which enemy has a dog tag and which hasn't much easier.

This is located at the beginning of the Chapter (Plant). When you start, head
right from the stairs (don't go up them) and then hand on the ledge infront of
you. Shimmy right until you pass the fence and hop back over. The shaver is the
white spinning object, impossible to miss.
When you first meet Pliskin (Snake), you will see Raiden give it to him in
return for the Cigarettes. While in Arsenal Gear, his beard will look all
smooth and clean......and shaven.

*M9 - Easy Mode + Very Easy Mode only
On very Easy mode, the M9 is ontop of the crates in the upper right section of
the first place you start off in In Easy mode, head through the vents near the
steps, it is in the vents at a far back place.
If you want to make life easier at the start of the game on normal, hard or
extreme mode, head through the upper left door while in the STURT A pump
facility instead of the west one. Dodge the cypher accordingly and once in
STRUT F, head east (miss the guard patrolling the corridor) and enter through
the Cardless needed door. The M9 is in this room along with ammo.

*Soccom Suppressor
This is found on the B1 floor of strut F. Head to the bottom (B1) once in Stut
F and then south. Now head the rom on the left, there is a vent which is hidden
by the box. Grab the box and go through the vey crawling till you reach the
other side. Grab the items and climb up so you can exit the room (The soccom
suppressor is there, along with ammo and a Mine Detector).

*AKs 47u Silencer
ON very Easy mode, this is located in the same Level two area with the Aks 47u.
On every other mode, it is first seen after the Harrier battle up north. To get
this with 99% guarentee, head north from where you start (not where the fire
is) on the short catwalk. Now head left as far as possible but don't fall down.
You should be infront of the edge handleds which aren't fully across the
catwalk. Now since you are on the side with short running space, becareful. Run
up and as you near the edge Raiden Flip, you will land on the edge (barely).
This COULD take a few tries.
Becareful not to fall once on the other side, on the left are some PSG1
bullets. Head north and spray the fire using the coolant. On the other side is
the Aks 47u Silencer. This doesn't make it complete silent, the soldiers will
sometimes say," WHAT WAS THAT NOISE" or something like that.

*PSG1 - T
It's not REALLY an item but it deserves to be here. It's just a tranquing Psg1
that doesnt shoot bullets of course.

it hold 5 bullets so it's only useful if you dont want to kill anyone in the
game to get a high ranking but rather put soldiers to sleep.

While in your under water adventure in the DEBREE room in the south end of the
map it's the second last air hole. There are stinger missles under it so it's
not hard to miss.

[               ]
 \ - FUTURE -   \

- A BOSS section will be added especially for Extreme mode with full details.
The section is half way complete.
-When I collect all dog tags, all items recieved via
I will make a list of them....

[                     ]
 \  Charcter Summary  \

=+=+ SolidSnake +=+=
SolidSnake, a legendary hero of the Shadow Moses event. Supposedly the main
character of the main, however the game can not be whole with his storyline
only. Best friend is Otacon (Hal).
He has the same DNA genetic code as Liquid Snake, until proven, was classified
DEAD. Likes smokeing, and is an expert in battle.

SolidSnake is around 32 - 35 years old. With his intelligence and actions, he
shows age doesn't matter. As the story unfolds, he is just a clone. He was
cloned from the Perfect Soldier, BIG BOSS. BIG BOSS was (or IS) about 70+ years
This is why he was the ultimate soldier.

Solidsnake appears in ALL Metal Gear's. His skills are far beyond an average
soldier. When Metal Gear Solid 2 arrived, he didn't become the MAIN character,
though playing a big part.

His weapon handling skills are up to scratch. With his best friend, Hal
Emmerich, the information he learns makes him a wise and noble soldier.

=+=+ Otacon +=+=
SolidSnake's ally. He is an expert in engineering. A helpful hand is always
there for Snake. Not only providing strict Stealth for Snake, but helps in
battle as well (Call him for tips). He gives details on your weapons/situation.

Otacon is mainly known as a side-kick for SolidSnake. He's more a genius. When
building Metal Gear REX, he got his first idea by a simple cartoon show. Robots
and high tech military technology influenced him into all his work.

Don't let the glasses fool you, he's the handyman of the game. He can pilot a
helicopter and is highly experienced in the field of technology. He DOES have
his limits.

His Sister is Emma Emmerich. When she first comes into the project of Metal
Gear RAY, which soon turns out to be a guardian for Arsenal gear, Otacon gets
depressed after finding out about Emma and the project, as somehow their family

Otacon is always the survivor. He is reminded of Sniper Wolf and her death.
Even though there was no footage of them together, they did have something for
each other.

=+=+ Olga Gurlokovich +=+=
A member of a special Russian unit. After the sinking of the Tanker, she
betrays her unit and joins a unit controlled by the Patriots. She carries a
baby, the father is yet unknown and is being kept in Russia. If Raiden (jack)
dies, a signal is sent by his Nanmomachines to the Patriots, and then it is

She get's a point blank head shot from Solidus at the near end of the game,
from a P-90 (looks like it). Though being a HIGH FAST RATE machine gun, she
gets one bullet.

She proves she will do anything to save her child. She gets her promise from
SolidSnake that he WILL find the baby. Raiden is her message carrier. If Raiden
goes, the baby goes.

She has white hair similar to Raiden. After the Tanker raid, her feminine ide
kicks in with her longer hair, and women touches.

=+=+ Fortune +=+=
'Lucky in battle and nothing else'. She is right about that. Nothing can hit
her. She posesses a magnetic field gizmo which distracts incoming metallic
items and sways them away. She doesn't know of this, and it causes horrible
deaths in her life, everyone she loved died.

=+=+ Vamp +=+=
Vamp is not there for VAMPIRE, it is there for Bisexual. Rumoured that he had
an attraction for Fortune's husband that died on the Tanker. He has
supernatural abilities like running on water, and surviving through Super
purified water pumped with enough Hyrdogen to make you get in the water and
never come out. He has died once..(?) and can't die again he quotes. He is
romanian, and a wizard of knives. He aquired his thirst for blood when he was a
little boy. A church bombing occurred (could this be Stillman's church he
failed to save) he was under the rubbles of the church with the dead bodies of
his family membors. He had to quench his thirst, so he drank the blood of his
family. The thirst never went away.

=+=+ Raiden +=+=
The hero of the PLANT chapter. His girlfriend, Rose, joins him on his mission.
But late in the game she tells the truth about her job, she was sent to spy on
him. EVERYTHING was fake. He was military trained as a young boy. Colonel is
his Ally. However there is a BIG DARK SECRET. Read after this section to find
out. His foster father is Solidus Snake. His codename RAIDEN is a Jet name, the
name JACK was the password for the Jet plane.

=+=+ Solidus Snake +=+=
Previously George Sears. He was the president and then kicked off. He wants to
annhilate THE PATRIOTS and take their position to have supreme power. He
trained small children when they were young for battle. He has white hair, and
tentacles made by the U.S ARMY (a suit).

=+=+ Colonel - Rose +=+=
He is the Ally of Raiden. He guides Raiden through his....so called 'Mission'.
He is a BIG SPOILER SECRET altogether, so find out ALL about HIM in the Dark
Secrets section.

=+=+ Fatman +=+=
The name is NOT a joke, although is may be. He is an expert in explosives. His
trainer was Peter Stillman. He has a big Explosive suit that he wears, highly
armoured, nothing gets through it. His head is the only thing shootable.

=+=+ Peter Stillman +=+=
Until now, he lived a lie of his life pretending his leg was blown from a
church explosion. He couldn’t save them, he failed. Anyway he is a great help
in diarming the secret bombs Fatman plants by the sensors he creates.

He made his first and last appearance in Metal Gear Solid 2. Solidsnake knows
him for the explosives part. Look up any explosives book and you'll find his
name in it.

He taught Fatman all his skills and things about bombs. After teaching Fatman
too much, he ends up dead from a bomb that gets activated once all it's
components are deactivated. Stillman did not teach Fatman this trick, and so
this is how he was beaten.

=+=+ Emma (E.E) +=+=
She is the sister of Hal. As Raiden describes,"You're not only cute, but smart
to". She is an expert in computers, and she has an anti body virus which helps
destroy a harmful program called the GW or AI. She pretended to hate her
brother. Read the DAKR SECRETS section in order to find out more, and why.

=+=+ Ocelot (Shalashaska) +=+=
Ocelot is back, with Liquid's arm. Talking about him will definately bring
light into something. So more info lies ahead.

=+=+ Ames +=+=
He doesn't talk with Raidne much. Although he dies on the floor after saying
Ocelot tricked him and lied, he does scare me a bit....Anyway, he bas brown
hair that is tied at the back. Ocelot says something about him being a member
of the La-Li-Lu-Lo-Le (i forgot how it went).
Ames says ocelot will never escape them. Right now, there are theories the L5
group are the patriots, however, nothing shows proof to confirm...sadly...

=+=+ Mr.X +=+=
Mr.X is Olga, I'll tell you now if you didn't know. I have a possible theory
that she is related to grey Fox deeply. When she first calls herself Deepthroat
and changes, Raiden asks why it would matter if she did, maybe it was because
she didn't want to remember him because he is dead or something?
Maybe a painful memory?
Mr.X wears the same suit as the cyborg Ninja (Grey Fox) in Metal ger Solid 1
and carries the same katana....so something is going on here.

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|___/ |  | |  \ |  \    __/ |___ |___ |  \ |___  |    __/ ======
=============================== MAJOR SPOILERS ============================


Ok now, there is a lot that goes on in Metal Gear Solid 2. I have sectioned
them by the characters. If you haven't played the game, then finish it and
understand first before you brainstorm here as it's better from the original.
I made an original name for this section, so it's basically a secret storlyine
- secrets revealed section. Read on.

Colonel and Rose.....Raiden's creations?

Here is how it goes:

When Raiden was a small boy, he was taken into the S3, this is Solid Snake
simulation. So VR TRAINING wasn't SolidSnake, it was Raiden. When Raiden was
young, he was taken into military experiences. However his mind doesn't allow
his memories to appear.
Instead, he has bad nightmares every night of flashbacks from way back. He does
not get it...why?
Rose talks about one day, when she barged into his room without permission. And
all she saw, was a dresing table and bed, no pictures, not ANYTHING. His life
was dull. Until he realised the truth.
From his experiences, his brain stored them, however memory never kicked in.
When the patriots ordered to Wire him up with Nanmomachines, his mind, out of
nothing, created 2 AI's. This ROSE does exist, except she is a spy that was
sent to examine how Raiden is doing. But she says that falling in love wasn't
part of the job, but Raiden doesn't take that kind of crap!
Actually, the HINTS and stuff given to him by Rose and Colonel are actually
already known by Raiden and stored in his brain, but he can't remember. So the
Nanmomachines allowed him to create these and then send the messages back to
him. Sounds confusing, but it's how it works.

Rose's real features are still COMPLETELY kept on low profile. Her hair style
was made to suit his style, her eyes to, aswell as the way she dressed, acted

The reasons why the Colonel acts very strange at the end of the game (aswell as
Rose) is because the AI was being infected by a virus which Emma created and
installed. So all information was being scrambeled. Otacon says the message
tracks always lead back to the actual Plant.

So now you know, yet there's a LOT MORE.

Liquid Snake, back...and he has a lot to say

Liquid, back in the form of a HAND implanted into Ocelot. While takeing over
ocelot he says a LOT of things, very helpful to. He clearly states that The
only way to awaken from the arm was to be in the presence of Solid Snake,
that's why Snake was brought to Arsenal Gear. He says that he is in the spy of
the patriots. So OCELOT IS THE SPY OF THE PATRIOTS. Liquid finishes off by
saying he is of to kill the patriots, and even though he doesn't know the way,
since he is in ocelot......he knows NOW.
Solidus thought he was in control, until Ocelot brings the information to him.
It was all a big plan to awaken him.

Metal Gear, not the creator, but the created

You will learn, Metal Gear. Ok now, One Metal Gear is enough to launch a nuke,
and cause a LOT of damage. Ohh but wait, there's more. Metal Gear Ray, an even
NEW version of Metal Gear. But what's different this time?.....well...25 of
A big black project called ARSENAL GEAR is the creator of Metal Gear. The
actual thing can create almost anything. It is a Massive database for the
Patriots to HIDE. So we know about this now, but there's more possibilities
Arsenal Gear has the power to create anything. There is a possiblity in the
Sequel that Arsenal Gear's creations might be one of your enemies. The PLANT
was made to be destroyed to cover up Arsenal Gear. It was made to cover up
Metal Gear.

The Patriots....who are they?

There are 12 Patriots altogether. I will give a basic summary of how much power
they contain quoted:
'They have the power to change history as we see it'.
Basically, all information taken to the public was organized and discusssed by
the Patriots. They have supreme power. Here's an example by Emma:
'Take the alphabet for example, 26 letters right? There could've been 30'
So the patriots could've said to the public there are 26 letters of the
aplhabet, even if there are 30/ Even with scientists researching, information
carried out is discussed by the 12 patriots. President Johnson wanted to become
a Patriot so he became President. Becoming president is just like a pawn in a
game of the Patriots.

The script for the last part is coming in my New FAQ.

Olga, more than just a soldier

Olga is a mother, as most may know. The Father of the baby is unknown, by us,
not by her. When she became pregnant, this made strict rules from her father,
such as staying with her unit etc.

The baby is somewhere in Russia. When she gave birth to her baby, it was in a
hospital run by the patriots, she did not know of this. As soon as she gave
birth, the next morning, the baby was gone, The patriots had it taken away. She
has never held her baby in her arms.

By using Raiden, the patriots had a plan. Since Raiden is wired with
nanmomachines, when he dies, the machines send a signal to the patriots. This
signal means he is dead. The patriots said that if he dies, the baby dies. THe
patriots send her one picture a month of her child. Sadly, olga does not live
to the end of the game so she never holds her baby....well...we can't proove
she's dead...scenes of pictures never really mean anything when it comes to
ALIVE and RETURN in Metal Gear Solid.
Mr.X is Olga, I'll tell you now if you didn't know. I have a possible theory
that she is related to grey Fox deeply. When she first calls herself Deepthroat
and changes, Raiden asks why it would matter if she did, maybe it was because
she didn't want to remember him  because he is dead or something?
Maybe a pinaful memory?
Mr.X wears the same suit as the cyborg Ninja (Grey Fox) in Metal ger Solid 1
and carries the same katana.
Olga is the NINJA to be more familiar. How she got the suit...we don't know.
However, there is a possibility that Grey Fox was the father of her baby, even
though he was hammered to bits and squashed by Metal Gear REX (for a quick
memory part: FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX!!!! - Solid Snake)
We can't answer everything yet....we might never answer them all.

Ames, he didn't say enough

Ok if you've experienced Metal Gear Solid 1's Decoy octopus as the DARPA cheif
with his foxide, this will speack out aloud.
Ames had something secret to tell, but he never did. When Ocelot was about to
kill him, he had some sort of Heart Attack, possibly Fox Die. We don't know
yet, however I highly sense some BACKTRACK SCENES in the sequel reulting in a
flashback of Ames dieing on the floor.

He says," YOU....YOU LIED" or something to Ocelot. What is there that Ocelot
was keeping? We don't even know if we know what it is.

Possibilites sometimes become ideas, and sometimes facts. So time will tell.

By the way, Ocelot says that Ames' nanmomachines were designed in the first
place, to shut down his pacemaker, this is the virus that mimics FOXDIE.

Raiden the carrier boy

"Thanks to DarkL2030 for this"

When the President is killed (is that the way you treat the guy that's
controlling your country Ocelot!?) by Ocelot, Ocelot says something about
Raiden, the carrier boy. This could mean different things......such as:

*The nanmomachines in his body. This is a connection with Ocelot killing Olga,
as it IS Ocelot. Raiden's nanmo's could be sending messages and body actions to
the patriots of every single move he makes, and so the Patriots find out more
about him.

The Big Shell, it was going to go BOOM!
for a reason

I'll get straight to the point on this one. The Big Shell was supposedly set to
be destroyed by Fatman (?, yes you'd think that to after fighting him).

The Big Shell was created to be a BIG cover up for Arsenal Gear and it's
development. When Big Shell Blew up, it would have destroyed all Arsenal gear
evidence, so the big news would all be about the Big Shell.

The facility is two giant hexagons joined end on end. There are STUTS that
divide them into these small sections. And by 50% sections, it's SHELL 1 and

The word SHELL is there so it represents the protection against Arsenal Gear
until development. The Big Shell is Arsenal Gear's first protective facility.

When Arsenal becomes independent enough, but not completely, 25 Metal Gear Rays
are issued to protect it.
Since Arsenal Gear is not able to reproduce yet, Solidus doesn't want it.
Instead he wants the 12 names of the Patriots.

to me....but it also helps me explain more things simpler :)


Any theories, questions need answering or any other stuff that would fit here
like EXPLAINED things please send it in!
I will give full credit.

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