Question from pablo_skyrim

Asked: 2 years ago

Is this game really skyrim with guns like they say?

Is the game really fun like skyrim i really enjoyed call of duty black ops 2 and halo 4 they are both good shooter games. how is this game???? is it worth getting??? is the engine gameplay better then far cry 2???

Accepted Answer

From: harmonyvid25 2 years ago

I'd say it's more like a FPS Red Dead Redemption on a tropical island with automatic weapons, with a Dues Ex RPG style :)

Worth getting? - Definitely, everything about it is better than FC2.

!st game I've played which I consider to be better than Half-Life 1+2 :)

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If you like Black Ops 2 I'm pretty sure you don't deserve to play an FPS this finely crafted.

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Kind of, Its an open world game that's very heavy on exploration, the harmony's comparison to RDR is a good one too.

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It's assassins creed fps, it's even made by the same company.

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I think a better description would be a combo Red Dead Rdemption and Borderlands. Great game so far.

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