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How can I get shark skin?

How can I kill and skin a shark, since weapons don't work under water?

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BigFatDanMan answered:

Also, sometimes they will grab you and shake you, if you perform the QT action properly, you'll kill them. Failing that, just take a boat out to waters with them in, equip your camera and wave it at the ocean, you'll normally tag them even if you can't fully see them. Then drive over, shoot them and dive in and skin them.
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NeoN1976 answered:

I don't know how far you've gotten in the game but I have the M 700 Sniper rifle silenced, I took a Jet Ski into shark infested waters and waited, I also stayed on the jet ski while waiting for a shark to come near and used aim, scope and breath to highlight the the shark and when you see the sharks fin above water shoot just below and you should kill it in 1 to 2 shots, I killed it with 1 but I'm not sure if you will have the same results...
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chutsaran answered:

It's very easy for me.
I just drive jet ski crush a shark (1 hit per kill for normal level) and get the shark skin at under water.
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mecca30uk answered:

Use a boat, then shoot sharks from the boat , then just dive in and skin them, some boats even have mounted guns so you font even waste ammo
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