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Stealth in Game???

I was wondering that in Far Cry 3 do you always have to be in crouch to be stealthy or can you stand and walk about. Also when you run in the game or sprint do the enemies still see you even if you act stealthily. Im just asking as i do not own the game yet. Thanks

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From: Virtual_Erkan 2 years ago

You must crouch for better stealth and thus eliminates footsteps while walking. Hiding behinds bushes makes you nearly invisible. Enemies can see you from far range but takes time for them to spot you. If you are close takes one or two seconds to be spotted by them. Dead bodies alarms the enemies. You can throw rocks to distract them. Silenced weapon makes stealth easier but killing an enemy close to another enemy immediately alerts them so kill someone that is far from the others.

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If the enemy loose line of sight with you they cannot spot you, so yeah you can be stodd up and not be seen, theres a icaon that goes across the screen that gets larger the more they can see you, when its full they attack you.

you can just crouch down in foliage to be totally stealthy, its pretty easy to loose them

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If you stand up and try to to get a close kill you might need to sprint when your two arm lengths away from taget. They almost always spot you when u stand/walking right behind then unless your in crouch, but if you sprint and take them out before they shoot or speek, you can stand and be stealth upclose. I try to lure them away when there is multiple enamies next to each other, or if you ulnock double air takedown you can do two.

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Stealth in Far Cry 3 involves line of sight, sound, and crouching (silence), but there are 2 perks that help with the crouching problem; the first perk makes you crouch as fast as if you were standing up and walking/running, and the second perk makes you silent while standing or sprinting.

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Theres also an upgrade, i think its called "ninja steps" that while running your silent, but jumping or falling you will alert guards.

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