Question from sharpshooter_90

Where can I find fire and explosive tip arrows?

Looked everywhere fire tip arrows anyone

sharpshooter_90 provided additional details:

Where do i find the stuff or even the menue to do that?

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jul320 answered:

Keep doing main missions and it will eventually be unlocked fairly early in the game, then you have to craft these arrows, so head to the crafting menu, go to the arrow tab, and under arrow quiver, you will see the option to craft fire to explosive arrows. Each needs one arrow, and either a grenade (explosive) or molotov (fire) to made.
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Mirthless79 answered:

You have to craft them from items, like the moltov
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Trynosaurus answered:

After several main mission maybe 10 or 15 mission, you will able to craft fire arrow.
It is simple, all you need just molotov and craft it.

For an explosive arrow, maybe 20 to 25 mission.
About half of the game
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