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I can't use the camera or rocks?

Every time i try to use the camera it switches to my current weapon, and trying to use the rocks does nothing. This is for the xbox 360.

mank96 provided additional details:

I already used the rocks and the camera in the beginning, but know i can't use them any more even though i am pressing the correct buttons.

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TheSwan1 answered:

When you started your game, did all of your weapons and equipment leave you? Now you can't use the camera or rocks? This is a major and known glitch. It happened to me and I called Ubi and they told me that they are aware on the problem. Literally the only thing you can do right now is play another mode or start a new game. But then again, it may just happen again in the new game. Sorry bud.
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mecca30uk answered:

to throw a rock press right on the d pad, it throws instantly so make sure your aiming the right way.

rocks are unlimited

as for the camera it actually tells you the controls on screen, press up on your dpad to enable camera, press right shoulder buttton to take picture, left and right trigger to zoom and locate enemies.

These are pretty much the first things you learn when you play the game, are your eyes open!!!
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jul320 answered:

Trying to use rocks cannot cause you to change your weapon because to change weapon (for 360) you have to hold LB and use the left stick to change, while using ricks or the camera involves the D-pad.
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