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Freefalling 100m achievement?

How do you get the achievement for freefalling 100 meters?

milguy9904 provided additional details:

I tried using the hang glider outside the doc house but still have not got the achievement. Ive tried it like ten different times, any advice?

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shaboo_de answered:

Using gliders isn't a very reliable method to get this achievement, as the flying height is not displayed; thus you don't know if you will actually fall at least 100 meters. The absolutely easiest way to get this achievement, more or less automatically, is in the middle of the game, when you use a plane to travel from the northern island to the southern island. The only thing you have to do is to NOT open your parachute. You will then fall in the ocean and survive, thus getting the achievement. The game will tell you that you've missed the landing zone and you will have to repeat the parachute jump, but that's all.
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arcinguy answered:

Hang Glider over the water is by far the easiest, there is one outside Dr. Earnhardt's mansion that is perfect.
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rein2012 answered:

It took me 3 times but what finally worked for me was from the docs mansion fly to the closest part of the water and don't look with your right analog just use your mini map and as soon as you get over water bail. Looks like shallow water but didn't kill me. I also held the left analog down to stay going high as I could.
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bman52480 answered:

There are several gliders on the 2nd island that start off at a much higher altitude than the docs house, just about every mountain peak has one.
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